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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Which of these is the site of important peace conferences between the Federation and Klingon Empire?

2. Which planet did James Kirk once say he visited on a peace mission?

3. Which planet is inhabited by the Bandii?

4. Which world was infested by the Denevan neural parasites in 2267?

5. Which planet was the location of the New Providence colony, the Federation settlement destroyed by the Borg?

6. The entire population of which Federation science colony died of apparent old age?

7. Which is the Borg designation for a planet on which a sphere once crash landed? Four of the drones survived, including Seven of Nine, and experienced individuality for a brief time?

8. What is the home world of Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari?

9. Which world was described by Spock as 'essentially a great rock in space'?

10. On what planet was a colony established in violation of the Treaty of Armens?

11. Where did the Duras sisters conduct illegal mining?

12. Which world was the site of conflict between the Talarians and the Federation?

13. Which world was the home to Ilon Tandro?

14. At which gas giant was a large space faring alien was killed by the Enterprise-D?

15. Where was Troi abducted by Romulans?

16. Which world is the home of the Tarellians, who were all but destroyed in a biological war?

17. What is the home world of the Ooolans?

18. Which world housed a Federation penal colony?

19. The USS Lalo departed from where before being lost to the Borg?

20. Which planet is Tasha Yars birthplace and the site of a failed Federation colony?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 29,030 Last updated : 17 May 2022