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Episodes General Image Planets Quote Species
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Large Quiz - Planets

1. William Riker refused to allow Captain De Soto to beam down to which planet?

2. On which planet did Charlie Evans grow up?

3. On which planet are Gideon Seyetik's paintings displayed?

4. Which world was the home to Ilon Tandro?

5. Which planet suffers large firestorms every seven years?

6. Where did the USS Charleston wait to rendezvous with the Enterprise-D to pick up three previously frozen Humans?

7. Which of these is another name for Sol IV, colonized by Earth in 2103?

8. Salia was raised where, in order to ensure her neutrality in the war on her home world?

9. Which planet was Rajiin’s home world ?

10. Which Federation planet has no atmosphere and no magnetic pole, according to 'Starship Mine'?

11. Which planet suffered unexplained magma cooling around 2370?

12. What is the home world of the Ooolans?

13. On which planet did Sisko find the Orb of the Emissary?

14. Which planet did James Kirk once say he visited on a peace mission?

15. 300 000 talaxians died in the metreon cascade on which moon?

16. On which planet did Kirk abandon Khan?

17. Which planet was the home of the Menk?

18. Which of these is a fog-bound world on the edge of the Badlands?

19. The Ferengi stole a T-9 energy converter from which world?

20. Which of these is a tourist resort, said to be even better than Risa?


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