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Episodes General Image Planets Quote Species
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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Where does the harmonies of the tides cause hallucinations?

2. Which is the home planet of the Capellan warriors?

3. Where did Paul Hickman have a physical exam?

4. Which of these worlds was a Federation planet destroyed by the Borg?

5. On which world did terrorists kidnap Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard?

6. Which of these is a tourist resort, said to be even better than Risa?

7. Which of these is the site of an attack by the crystalline entity?

8. On which planet was the Institute of Cosmology located?

9. Kurzon Dax and Sisko were cornered by Kaleans here?

10. The entire population of which Federation science colony died of apparent old age?

11. Where did the Tamarians met the Enterprise D?

12. On which planet is the cloud city of Stratos found?

13. Which planet is the home of a Verteron array?

14. Which of these is the planet on which a conference was held concerning Coridan's entry to the Federation?

15. Which world is approximately 40,000 light-years from Alastria, and has a mantle of tetrahedral quartz 20 km thick?

16. Which of these is a ringed resort planet known as an important vacation spot in the Hovarian cluster?

17. Which world was the home planet of a great interstellar empire, long since collapsed?

18. Which of these worlds was a major arms production centre?

19. Which planet entered into a bargain with the devil, Ardra?

20. On which planet was Tasha Yar murdered?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,720 Last updated : 22 Oct 2021