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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Where did the Duras sisters conduct illegal mining?

2. Which of these worlds is a penal colony for the Federations criminally insane?

3. Which was the home world of Minster Camio, fiancee of Lwaxana Troi?

4. Which of these is the more popular name of Sol V?

5. On which of these planets would you find Cogenitors?

6. Which world was disputed by the Federation and Klingons, with the Federation having the stronger claim?

7. Klingon forces retreated from which world in 2373?

8. On which dead planet did Dr. Korby discover sophisticated androids?

9. Over 2000 light years from Earth; which planet is the home of a species which has almost developed warp technology?

10. A moon was knocked out of orbit from this planet, threatening great destruction?

11. Which was the original home world of the Vorta?

12. Which of these is a beautiful planet thought by some to have mystical healing powers?

13. Which world was the site of the Federation library?

14. What is the home world of Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari?

15. Which planet is known for having multi-centric rings?

16. Where does the harmonies of the tides cause hallucinations?

17. Which world fought a five century long computer war with Eminiar?

18. On what inhabited planet wsa half the population reported to have been transported away by Orion traders to work as slave labor?

19. William Riker refused to allow Captain De Soto to beam down to which planet?

20. Greek god Apollo tried to recruit Kirk as a worshipper on which planet?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,865 Last updated : 1 Dec 2021