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Large Quiz - Planets

1. Which world was the destination of Enterprise-D after it encountered an unstable wormhole?

2. On which planet did Neela Daren study a plasma geyser?

3. Which of these worlds is the Demilitarised Zone? It has at least four moons and was attacked by biogenic weapon?

4. Which of these planets was Commissioned Hedford going to in order to prevent a war?

5. Which of these is a fog-bound world on the edge of the Badlands?

6. Which of these is the more popular name of Sol V?

7. Which planet suffers large firestorms every seven years?

8. On which planet was the final version of the Xindi weapon built?

9. On which planet was Tasha Yar murdered?

10. Which Federation planet has no atmosphere and no magnetic pole, according to 'Starship Mine'?

11. On which planet did the Drella live, a creature which derived sustenance from emotions?

12. Which world is approximately 40,000 light-years from Alastria, and has a mantle of tetrahedral quartz 20 km thick?

13. Which world was the location of Jem'Hadar space docks, destroyed by Federation forces at start of the war?

14. Which planet was the final destination of the spacecraft Charybdis?

15. Dr. Stubbs wished he could take Deanna Troi where for champagne?

16. Which planet did the Enterprise head for after encountering the USS Bozeman?

17. Which world was disputed by the Federation and Klingons, with the Federation having the stronger claim?

18. On which planet do the inhabitants use isolytic current to reanimate the bodies of the recently dead ?

19. Zora carried out unethical experiments on which world?

20. ON which planet is a marriage only considered successful if offspring result within one year?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 27,865 Last updated : 1 Dec 2021