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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which of these are shape changing beings once thought to be mythical?

2. Which of these species is reputed to be able to predict the future?

3. Which advanced Delta Quadrant species had no concept of music prior to encountering Voyager?

4. Which Delta Quadrant species has the Borg designation Species 521?

5. Which warrior species has a long history of attacking the Federation?

6. What civilisation is known for keeping a different standard of time to most?

7. Which Humanoid species had a cultural exchange with the Federation?

8. Which of these are sentient humanoids with blue skin and a line running up the centre of their face?

9. Which of these species is native to the Gamma Quadrant?

10. What Humanoid Delta Quadrant civilisation was deemed unworthy of assimilation by the Borg, and was given the designation Species 329?

11. Which Delta quadrant species took part in a regular sub-warp shuttle race?

12. Which Humanoid Delta Quadrant species is obsessed by etiquette?

13. Which species was addicted to Felicium by the Brekkians?

14. Which Humanoid species are partially empathic?

15. Which of these is a major species with a long history of hostility toward the Federation and Klingons?

16. What Delta quadrant civilisation suffered from numerous asteroid impacts?

17. What civilisation was destroyed by Nomad?

18. Which Delta quadrant civilisation went to war with the Vaskans while Voyager was passing by?

19. Which species kills any woman under forty who conceives a child?

20. Which proto-Vulcan species mistook Picard for a god?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,870 Last updated : 28 Nov 2021