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Large Quiz - Species

1. Which Humanoids have considerable abilities to manipulate minds, but poor weapons technology?

2. What civilisation was destroyed by Nomad?

3. What civilisation once warred with the Ferengi?

4. Which of these species is found on the edge of the Necrit Expanse?

5. Which civilisation native to the Delta Quadrant has an average lifespan of nine years?

6. Which energy being which had a grudge against Q?

7. What insect lifeform of large size is native to Talax?

8. Which species built robots to fight the Cravic?

9. Which rock creature said 'No Kill I'?

10. What civilisation was at war with the T'Lani for centuries?

11. Which Humanoid species is approximately equal in technology to Earth in the Renaissance?

12. Which Humanoid species resided in the delta quadrant and were destroyed by an ice age, forcing them to hibernate inside a virtual reality environment?

13. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation was at war with the Vori in 2365?

14. Which Delta quadrant civilisation went to war with the Vaskans while Voyager was passing by?

15. A member of which Delta Quadrant species sold the shuttle Alice to Avidon?

16. Which civilisation was at war as of 2373, and bought attack skimmers from Quark?

17. Which noncorporeal species of great power horrified by violence?

18. What being was once worshipped as a god on Earth?

19. Which species kills any woman under forty who conceives a child?

20. What Delta Quadrant society was testing a coaxial warp core when it was stolen by Steth?


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