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Medium Quiz - Species

1. What species pollutes the galaxy with radioactive waste?

2. Which noncorporeal alien species have transcended linear time, and are religious figures to the Bajorans?

3. Which of these is a major species with a long history of hostility toward the Federation and Klingons?

4. Which civilisation was at war as of 2373, and bought attack skimmers from Quark?

5. Which noncorporeal lifeform experimented on the Enterprise D crew to determine the nature of death?

6. Which telepathic species were strongly isolationist until they encountered Kirk?

7. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation was allied with Voyager against the Krenim in an alternate timeline?

8. Which of these is a humanoid species who prize hedonism greatly?

9. Which people destroyed the second to last Tarellian plague vessel?

10. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation are famous for their adventurous lifestyle?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 53,510 Last updated : 24 May 2022