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Medium Quiz - Species

1. What noncorporeal being feeds on negative emotions, which it provokes by savage murder?

2. What humanoid species from the Delta Quadrant won a war against the Talaxians?

3. Captain Livara, a Romulan spy, once posed as a member of which species?

4. Which species was assimilated by the Borg in 2375?

5. Which one of these lives on the planet Ardana?

6. Which insectoid life form resides on Mizar II?

7. What technologically advanced Alpha Quadrant civilisation died out approximately 1,000 years ago?

8. Which of these species is known for their devotion to those who employ them?

9. Which of these is from the Andromeda galaxy?

10. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation was allied with Voyager against the Krenim in an alternate timeline?


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