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Medium Quiz - Species

1. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation kidnapped offworlders and brainwashed them into fighting in their war with the Kradin?

2. Which of these are sentient humanoids who live in caves?

3. Which Humanoid civilisation consider themselves 'smart'?

4. What is the Borg designation for a species which resided in Galactic cluster 3?

5. Which Delta Quadrant species relied heavily on trade with alien culture?

6. Chakotay's first starship assignment included first contact with which species?

7. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation was 90% female?

8. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation lived several light years from a class 4 singulatrity?

9. What civilisation was destroyed by Nomad?

10. Which reptilian species is native to the Beta Renna system?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,905 Last updated : 20 Jan 2022