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Episodes General Image Planets Quote Species
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Medium Quiz - Species

1. Which of these species are not fond of the Federation?

2. Which species kills any woman under forty who conceives a child?

3. What telepathic civilisation in the Delta Quadrant have largely eliminated crime?

4. Which Humanoid Delta Quadrant species has the Borg designation Species 686?

5. Which species attempted to subvert Starfleet via an addictive game, and has the Borg designation Species 6961?

6. Which Humanoid civilisation were at war with the Kellerun until recently?

7. Which of these species is native to the Gamma Quadrant?

8. Which Delta Quadrant species is known for their great strength?

9. Which ancient civilisation transplanted members of primitive peoples to distant planets?

10. Which of these species live within a deep layer of mud?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,335 Last updated : 8 May 2021