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Medium Quiz - Species

1. Which Humanoid species resided in the delta quadrant and were destroyed by an ice age, forcing them to hibernate inside a virtual reality environment?

2. Which telepathic species were strongly isolationist until they encountered Kirk?

3. Which species resisted assimilation by the Borg for thousands of years before finally succumbing?

4. Which of these species was invited to join the Federation in 2371?

5. Which of these species is found on the edge of the Necrit Expanse?

6. Which of these are sentient humanoids with blue skin and a line running up the centre of their face?

7. Which Delta Quadrant civilisation was attacked by the Kyrians while Voyager was passing by?

8. What species was assimilated by the Borg, giving them advanced medical technology?

9. Which Delta Quadrant species is known for their great strength?

10. Which of these are sentient creatures who are less than friendly to outsiders?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 51,870 Last updated : 28 Nov 2021