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Large Quiz - General

1. On which planet did Dr. Apgar work on the Krieger Wave converter?

2. The entire population of which Federation science colony died of apparent old age?

3. Which General Order orders defensive measures 'on the approach of any vessel when communications have not been established'?

4. What form of government does the planet Chalna have?

5. Which TNG episode features a novel that begins 'It was a dark and stormy night'?

6. How many days and nights did the Enterprise crew have for shore leave on Raisa?

7. Which of these particles is Data's brain based on?

8. Which Ferengi rule of acquisition says 'You can't make a deal if you're dead'?

9. Which immensely strong reptilian species once attacked a Federation outpost?

10. Which Humanoids come from Acamar III?

11. Which was the destination of the Enterprise when it encountered Trelane?

12. For how long did the Sheliak go without communicating with the Federation prior to 'The Ensigns of Command'?

13. On which planet do the inhabitants use isolytic current to reanimate the bodies of the recently dead ?

14. Which Humanoid species are known as secretive?

15. What Delta Quadrant civilisation featured in a holodeck training program created by Tuvok?

16. Which of these worlds is a penal colony for the Federations criminally insane?

17. What was the NCC number of the Stargazer?

18. Which of these are sentient humanoids who live in caves?

19. In which episode do the Founders remove Odo's shapeshifting ability?

20. Which planet in the Borderland was the site of an Orion slave market?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,725 Last updated : 27 Jan 2022