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Large Quiz - General

1. What is the registry of the USS Constellation from 'The Doomsday Machine'?

2. How many ambassadors are on board the Enterprise in 'Journey to Babel'?

3. Where is the Enterprise-D heading at the beginning of 'Conspiracy'?

4. What type of torpedo did the Romulan vessel in 'Balance of Terror' carry?

5. Which of these is a Cardassian device which cannot be replicated?

6. What year was Riker born in?

7. What beverage does Bashir drink at the beginning of 'Cardassians'?

8. Which Federation communications and/or monitoring station was destroyed by V'Ger?

9. How far is Alastria from Sikaris?

10. How many parsecs did the Metrones throw the Enterprise at the end of 'Arena'?

11. What major species is native to the Alpha and Beta Quadrant?

12. What year was McCoy born in?

13. Which of these species dealt with Harcourt Fenton Mudd?

14. Which was the first episode of Star Trek ever to feature time travel?

15. What was the home planet of the Xindi?

16. Roughly how many of the Enterprise crew are women?

17. How far is Raisa from Earth?

18. Which of these roles was NOT played by Randy Oglesby?

19. What does Jean Luc Picard's brother make?

20. Which episode takes place on Stardate 42695.3?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,725 Last updated : 27 Jan 2022