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Federation Technology
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Large Quiz - General

1. Who developed the 'distant origin' theory?

2. Which cousin of Quark bought Vash's Gamma Quadrant dagger?

3. What was the alien web creature vulnerable to in 'Vox Sola'?

4. Which was the home world of Minster Camio, fiancee of Lwaxana Troi?

5. Which ship did the Enterprise-D receive a distress call from in 'The Schitzoid Man'?

6. What telepathic civilisation in the Delta Quadrant have largely eliminated crime?

7. Which world became the home of the Nanites?

8. What civilisation is known for keeping a different standard of time to most?

9. Which Starbase was the Enterprise headed for at the start of 'Tomorrow Is Yesterday'?

10. Which species did the Vulcans find difficult to deal with?

11. Which species communicates entirely by metaphor?

12. Which of these is a more common name for Sol II?

13. Which of these species is native to the Gamma Quadrant?

14. Worf grew up on which farm world?

15. On which planet did Neela Daren study a plasma geyser?

16. Which reptilian species is native to the Beta Renna system?

17. Which planet was created by Trelane?

18. Which of these is a serpentine creature capable of opening rifts in time?

19. Which of these rendered the Husnock extinct?

20. In which episode does Sisko help a group of Federation soldiers defend a captured communications station from the Jem'Hadar?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,725 Last updated : 27 Jan 2022