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Large Quiz - General

1. Which desolate planet had an automated Lithium (not Dilithium) mining station on it?

2. Which of these Vulcans has NOT done an on-screen mind meld?

3. Which Delta quadrant humanoids worship Brothera?

4. Which of these species attempted to buy the Barzan Wormhole?

5. In which episode was Trip marooned with an alien on an uninhabited moon?

6. In which episode does Hoshi first use the transporter?

7. Where did Q save Vash when she was stung by an insect?

8. Klingon forces retreated from which world in 2373?

9. Which Klingon moon exploded in the opening scene of Star Trek VI?

10. How many Ferengi rules of acquisition are there?

11. Who was Dixon Hill due to meet in Picard's holoprogram in 'First Contact'?

12. On which world were crewmembers from the USS Victory infected by alien DNA?

13. Which Humanoid species have become highly dependant on computers?

14. What civilisation was destroyed by Nomad?

15. Which of these species live within a deep layer of mud?

16. Which General Order forbids all contact with Talos IV?

17. Janice Lester exchanged bodies with Captain Kirk on which planet?

18. Where is the Enterprise-D heading at the beginning of 'Conspiracy'?

19. Which Delta Quadrant species is known for their great strength?

20. In which episode of Enterprise do we meet emotional Vulcans?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,725 Last updated : 27 Jan 2022