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Large Quiz - General

1. Which world is the Travelers home planet?

2. What is the name of Hikaru Sulu's daughter?

3. Which of these is a species of sentient holograms?

4. What was the projected lifespan of an Android on planet Mudd?

5. What was the alien web creature vulnerable to in 'Vox Sola'?

6. Who said 'Without followers, evil cannot spread.'?

7. Which of these particles is Data's brain based on?

8. Which Humanoids are from the Parada system?

9. Which planet was created by Trelane?

10. Which civilisation fought with the Menthar to their mutual annihilation?

11. Which Delta Quadrant species has the Borg designation Species 521?

12. Which of these is one of the species that almost destroyed the Vaadwaur 900 years ago, and now control part of their underspace corridor network?

13. Who said 'A species that enslaves other beings is hardly superior, mentally or otherwise.'?

14. Which General Order forbids all contact with Talos IV?

15. Which one of these planets was struck by Denevan neural parasites?

16. In what year was 'Caretaker' set?

17. On which of these planets was an important human rights document signed?

18. In 2372 a Klingon civilian transport crashed where, killing all aboard?

19. How far is Alastria from Sikaris?

20. Which space probe became V'Ger?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,725 Last updated : 27 Jan 2022