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Large Quiz - General

1. Where is the Darwin Genetic Research station?

2. In which episode do we leard that the USS Drake has been destroyed?

3. Which of these civilisations lived at a bronze age level?

4. What type of torpedo does the Defiant carry?

5. Who said 'A species that enslaves other beings is hardly superior, mentally or otherwise.'?

6. Which planet is the site of an ethnically Irish colony?

7. Which planet was the location of the New Providence colony, the Federation settlement destroyed by the Borg?

8. In which episode do we meet the Scalosians?

9. Which spacefaring civilisation is an offshoot of the Ba'ku?

10. Which Starbase was nearest to the Enterprise-D after Q threw the ship across the galaxy to system J25?

11. Imaginary card game Fizzbin was played on which planet, according to Kirk?

12. To the nearest billion, how many doses of Brekkian 'medicine' was in one cargo barrel?

13. In which Enterprise episode did Silik save the NX-01 from destruction?

14. Which noncorporeal lifeform killed the adults of the Starnes Expedition?

15. Which species was dying out and required Deuridium to prolong their lives?

16. Which of these are sentient humanoids who live in caves?

17. Which world was the site of conflict between the Talarians and the Federation?

18. What species assimilated by the Borg believed the Omega molecule was a drop of their creator's blood?

19. Which one of these lives on the planet Ardana?

20. On which planet did Riker wear a native costume made of leather?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,725 Last updated : 27 Jan 2022