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Large Quiz - General

1. Will Riker was brainwashed after being captured on an away mission on which planet?

2. What batlike creature lives on Celtris III?

3. Which world was the site of a tragic accident in 2358 that claimed the life of Admiral Janeway?

4. In which episode of TNG does Wesley have to face his greatest fear as part of a Starfleet test?

5. What type of torpedo does the Defiant carry?

6. Which of these is a civilisation from the Gamma Quadrant?

7. What technologically advanced civilisation was considered as a Federation protectorate shortly after achieving space flight?

8. Which of these was the Enterprise-D's destination before going on to Vandor IX?

9. What species inhabit the cloaked planet long thought to be mythical?

10. In which episode was Voyager trapped in a subspace region with dozens of other ships?

11. How many days and nights did the Enterprise crew have for shore leave on Raisa?

12. Which planet was used by the Vians?

13. The Enterprise-D crew took shore leave on which planet in 2367?

14. Which of these species is known for their devotion to those who employ them?

15. In what year was 'Emissary' set?

16. Which Humanoid civilisation were at war with the Kellerun until recently?

17. Who developed the 'distant origin' theory?

18. In which episode does Enterprise first ncounter holodeck-like technology?

19. Where did Vedek Bariel enjoy a retreat in the week leading up to the Kendra massacre?

20. Which Humanoid species resided in the delta quadrant and were destroyed by an ice age, forcing them to hibernate inside a virtual reality environment?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,535 Last updated : 1 Dec 2021