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Large Quiz - General

1. How many weapons lockers are there on Enterprise?

2. Which is the home planet of Admiral Jameson?

3. Which of these is the Delta Quadrant site of a Vidiian research base?

4. Which of these is a major species with a long history of hostility toward the Federation and Klingons?

5. Which Humanoid society implanted memories of a long prison term into Chief O'Brien?

6. In which episode did Worf kill Duras?

7. Which species created the Particle Fountain technology on Tyra VIIA?

8. How many tentacles does a Kelvan have in its natural state?

9. In which TNG episode does a deaf actor play a deaf character?

10. Which of these Voyager crewmembers survived the ship's return to the Alpha Quadrant?

11. What large Humanoid species attempted to buy the Barzan Wormhole?

12. Kivas Fajo own one of which highly endangered species?

13. Which Humanoid species are partially empathic?

14. Which General Order orders defensive measures 'on the approach of any vessel when communications have not been established'?

15. Who revised Starfleet's first contact procedures according to 'Move Along Home'?

16. What did Garak think the truth was an excuse for?

17. The Ferengi stole a T-9 energy converter from which world?

18. Which of these was not an Oberth class Starship?

19. Which is the first DS9 episode to mention The Circle?

20. Which of these did Tom Paris help Steth to repair?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,535 Last updated : 28 Nov 2021