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Large Quiz - General

1. Which Enterprise-D crewmember was played by Suzie Plakson?

2. Which rule of acquisition says 'Nature decays, but latinum lasts forever'?

3. What is the first name of Kirk's brother?

4. Picard won the Starfleet academy marathon where?

5. Which one of these planets was struck by Denevan neural parasites?

6. Which species is considered so ugly that the mere sight of them will drive most beings insane?

7. Which of these did Riker command in a mock battle with the Enterprise-D?

8. Which of these species dealt with Harcourt Fenton Mudd?

9. Which of these species took part in an annual sub-warp shuttle race?

10. What does Pel suggest Quark serve in the bar in 'Rules of Acquisition'?

11. How many languages does the first officer of the USS Aries know?

12. Which highly isolationist species refused to allow any knowledge of themselves to be known by outsiders?

13. Which Humanoids somewhat resemble Terran pigs?

14. Where is the Darwin Genetic Research station?

15. Which of these rendered the Husnock extinct?

16. Which episode of TNG features Dr. Paul Manheim?

17. Which of these are sentient humanoids with blue skin and a line running up the centre of their face?

18. From which species did Voyager purchase 12 kilos of Amber Spice?

19. In which episode does B'Elanna help a robot species to reproduce themselves?

20. What is the home world of Lieutenant Aquiel Uhnari?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,535 Last updated : 30 Nov 2021