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Medium Quiz - General

1. Which world was poisoned By Sisko, making it uninhabitable by Humans for 50 years?

2. Which telepathic species were strongly isolationist until they encountered Kirk?

3. Which proto-Vulcan species mistook Picard for a god?

4. Which Humanoid Delta Quadrant civilisation was almost destroyed 900 years ago but are now rebuilding their forces?

5. Which civilisation did Voyager sign a non agression pact with?

6. What weapon did the Ferengi use on their first encounter with the Enterprise-D crew?

7. Voyager became involved in a civil war amongs this species when the leader of one of the factions used technology to implant his personality into Kes?

8. Which of these roles was NOT played by Vaughn Armstrong?

9. Which episode of TNG features Humans who have been frozen since the 21st century?

10. Which Delta Quadrant species is known for their great strength?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 111,855 Last updated : 17 May 2022