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Episodes General Image Planets Quote Species
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Medium Quiz - General

1. Which city floated in the clouds?

2. How far is system J25 from the nearest Starbase in 'Q Who?

3. What mysterious and paranoid Delta Quadrant species are determined to prevent all knowledge of their existence?

4. Which episode sees the death of Admiral Jameson?

5. According to 'Coming of Age', what is the only ratio to use when mixing matter and antimatter?

6. Which world housed a Federation penal colony?

7. Where did Dr. Bashir attend a burn treatment conference?

8. Which species were smuggling a Kriosian princess when they encountered Enterprise?

9. Which General Order says that 'no flag officer should beam into a hazardous situation without armed escort'?

10. In which episode do we first encounter Captain Proton?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 109,640 Last updated : 8 May 2021