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Medium Quiz
Episodes General Image Planets Quote Species
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Episodes General Image Planets Quote Species
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Medium Quiz - General

1. Which of these is an ancient offshoot of the Romulans?

2. In which episode do we meet the Aldeans?

3. Which ship did Mayweather grow up on?

4. Which of these species hibernates for long period?

5. Which planet is inhabited by the Bandii?

6. Which species hosted the sub-warp shuttle race in the Delta Quadrant?

7. In which episode does Archer help the crew of a Klingon ship stranded within a gas giant planet?

8. Which planet was used by the Vians?

9. Which species are able to transport instantly up to 40,000 light years from their homeworld via a technological device?

10. Which species did the Vulcans find difficult to deal with?


© Graham & Ian Kennedy Questions played : 110,235 Last updated : 17 Oct 2021