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Emergency Medical Hologram

Quote Episode
"So it begins. The trivia of medicine is my domain now. Every runny nose, stubbed toe, pimple on a cheek becomes my responsibility." - EMH to Kes; bemoaning his having to perform routine medical functions
VOY : Parallax
"Missing? The captain is missing? It seems I've found myself on a Voyage of the Damned. Very well, please advise the highest ranking officer who is not missing to see me at his earliest convenience." - EMH to Neelix
VOY : Time and Again
"I'm a doctor, Mister Neelix, not a decorator." - EMH to Neelix; the first of many
VOY : Phage
"A nebula? What were we doing in a nebula? No wait, don't tell me. We were 'investigating'. That's all we do around here. Why pretend we're going home at all, all we're going to do is 'investigate' every cubic millimetre of this quadrant, aren't we?" - EMH to Torres
VOY : The Cloud
"There's one more request... something of a personal nature... I would like... a name." - EMH to Kes; and he never did get one.
VOY : Eye of the Needle
"Mister Neelix, just because a man changes his drink order doesn't mean he's posessed by an alien." - EMH to Neelix
VOY : Cathexis
"You should consider it a high complement. Throughout history men have fought over the love of a woman. Why, I can quote you autopsy reports from duels as far back as 1538." - EMH to Kes
VOY : Parturition
"I'm not just working anymore, I'm living." - EMH to Danara
VOY : Lifesigns
"I am programmed to be heroic when the need arises." - EMH to Kim
VOY : Deadlock
"Welcome to sickbay. Take a number." - EMH to Nyrian
VOY : Displaced
"Between impulse and action, there is a realm of good taste begging for your acquaintance!" - EMH to Seven
VOY : One
One : "Joke, a verbal comment or gesture designed to provoke laughter."
EMH : "I see you've got your mothers sense of humour."
  People :  One, Emergency Medical Hologram
VOY : Drone
"I'm a Doctor, not a battery!" - EMH; on the suggestion that his mobile emitter may be used as a power source
VOY : Gravity
"I'm a doctor, not a dragonslayer!" - the EMH; on fighting the monster
VOY : Bliss
"It's quite disconcerting to know that all someone has to do is flick a switch to turn me into Mr. Hyde" - EMH to Seven of Nine; on his behaviour onboard the Equinox
VOY : Equinox, Part 2
"Tuvok, I understand, You are a Vulcan man, You have just gone without, For seven years, about.
Paris, please find a way, To load a hypospray, I will give you the sign, Just aim for his behind
Hormones are raging, Synapses blazing, It's all so veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrry illogical!" - EMH; singing to the tune of La donna รจ mobile.
VOY : Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy
"The Vulcan brain; a puzzle wrapped inside an enigma housed inside a cranium." - the EMH; on Tuvok
VOY : Riddles
"Welcome to Sickbay. How may I help you today?" - The EMH; His new greeting
VOY : Life Line
"When did it become a crime to enjoy a sensation or two? Of course, you'd be the last person to understand that." - EMH to Seven of Nine
VOY : Body and Soul
EMH : "Is there anything in your spiritual programming about making peace with your enemies?"
Iden : "It's difficult to make peace with people whose sole purpose is to kill you."
  People :  Emergency Medical Hologram, Iden
VOY : Flesh and Blood
"I'd never admit this to anyone else, but there was a time when I would have given anything to be flesh and blood. But I've come to realize that being a hologram is far superior." - EMH; the pride before the fall
VOY : Renaissance Man

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