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Leonard H. McCoy

Quote Episode
"A cage is a cage, Jim." - McCoy to Kirk; unimpressed with his description of how humane the colony is
TOS : Dagger of the Mind
"Now, this is marvelous. The most horrible conglomeration of antique architecture I've ever seen." - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : Miri
"The chain of command is often a noose." - McCoy to Spock
TOS : The Conscience of the King
"The intelligence, the logic, it appears that your half has most of that. And perhaps that's where most of man's essential courage comes from for you see, he was afraid and you weren't." - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : The Enemy Within
Bones : "War is never imperative, Mister Spock."
Spock : "It is for them, Doctor."
  People :  Spock, Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : Balance of Terror
"Life prolongation. Didn't have much luck, did they?" - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : Miri
"He's dead, Jim." - McCoy to Kirk; regarding the dog, the first use of the line in Star Trek
TOS : The Enemy Within
McCoy : "Do you play God? Carry his head through the corridors in triumph? That won't bring back the dead, Jim."
Kirk : "No. But they may rest easier."
  People :  James T. Kirk, Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : The Conscience of the King
"You're discussing tactics! Do you realise what this really comes down to? Millions and millions of lives hanging on what this vessel does next!" - McCoy to Spock
TOS : Balance of Terror
"In this galaxy there's a mathamatical probability of three million Earth type planets. And in all of the universe, three million million galaxies like this. And in all of that... and perhaps more... only one of each of us." - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : Balance of Terror
"All of my old friends look like doctors. All of his look like you." - McCoy to Shaw
TOS : Court Martial
"I'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!" - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : The Devil in the Dark
"Once, just once, I would like to land somewhere and say 'Behold, I am the Archangel Gabriel.'" - McCoy to Spock
TOS : Bread and Circuses
"On pure speculation, just an educated guess, I'd say that man is alive." - McCoy to Spock
TOS : This Side of Paradise
McCoy : "Mister Spock, you're the most cold-blooded man I've ever known."
Spock : "Why, thank you, doctor."
  People :  Spock, Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : Court Martial
"Now, that man can think anything we can, and love, hope, dream as much as we can. But he can't reach out and no one can reach in!" - McCoy to Kirk; on Pike
TOS : The Menagerie, Part 1
"You've got your problems, I've got mine. But he's got ours, plus his, plus four hundred and thirty other people." - McCoy to Sulu; on Kirk
TOS : Shore Leave
"Mister Spock is the best first officer in the fleet." - McCoy to Kirk; confessing his secret admiration for Spock
TOS : Operation: Annihilate!
"Look, I'm a doctor, not an escalator!" - McCoy to Spock
TOS : Friday's Child
"Well there goes paradise." - McCoy; on finding that Vaal does not allow holding and touching
TOS : The Apple
"Mister Spock, respect is a rational process! Did it ever occur to you they might react emotionally? With anger?" - McCoy to Spock
TOS : The Galileo Seven
Barrows : "Don't peek!"
McCoy : "My dear girl, I am a doctor. When I peek, it's in the line of duty."
  People :  Leonard H. McCoy, Ensign Tonia Barrows
TOS : Shore Leave
Eleen : "No. Here, child belongs to husband."
McCoy : "So, they take all the credit here. Poppycock!"
  People :  Leonard H. McCoy, Eleen
TOS : Friday's Child
Spock : "Would you beam down to the planet's surface and stand with me? There is a brief ceremony."
Kirk : "Is it permitted?"
Spock : "It is my right. By tradition the male is accompanied by his closest friends."
Kirk : "Thank you Mister Spock."
Spock : "I also request McCoy accompany me."
McCoy : "I shall be honoured, sir."
  People :  James T. Kirk, Spock, Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : Amok Time
"To blazes with regulations! You can't let him take command when you know he's wrong." - McCoy to Spock; on Commodore Decker
TOS : The Doomsday Machine
"I'm trying to thank you, you pointed-eared hobgoblin!" - McCoy to Spock
TOS : Bread and Circuses
Fox : "Diplomacy, gentlemen, should be a job left to diplomats. You will, of course, immediately resume a peaceful status."
Scott : "No, sir, I will not."
Fox : "What did you say!?"
Scott : "I'll not lower the screens, not until the captain tells me to."
Fox : "You are taking orders from me. You will lower the screens as a sign of good faith, my authority!"
Scott : "I know about your authority, but the screens stay up."
McCoy : "Mr. Fox, they faked a message from the captain, they've launched an attack against our ship. You want us to trust them openly?"
Fox : "I want you to obey my lawful orders!"
Scott : "No, sir. I won't lower the screens."
Fox : "Your refusal to comply with my orders has endangered the entire success of this mission! I can have you sent to a penal colony!"
Scott : "You can, sir, but I won't lower the screens."
Fox : "Your name will figure prominently in my report to the Federation Central."
  People :  Leonard H. McCoy, Ambassador Robert Fox, Montgomery Scott
TOS : A Taste of Armageddon
"Do you know why you're not afraid to die, Spock? You're more afraid of living. Each day you stay alive is just one more day you might slip and let your human half peek out." - McCoy to Spock
TOS : Bread and Circuses
Kirk : "Bones, do you remember the 20th century brush wars on the Asian continent? Two giant powers involved, much like the Klingons and ourselves. Neither side could pull out."
McCoy : "Yes. It went on bloody year after bloody year!"
Kirk : "What would you have suggested, that one side arm its friends with an overpowering weapon? Mankind would never have lived to travel space if they had! No. The only solution is what happened back then. Balance of power."
McCoy : "And if the Klingons give their side even more?"
Kirk : "Then we arm our side with exactly that much more. A balance of power, the trickiest, most difficult, dirtiest game of them all. But the only one that preserves both sides."
  People :  James T. Kirk, Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : A Private Little War
"It may be the last action you'll ever take, Mister Spock, but it was all human." - McCoy to Spock
TOS : The Galileo Seven
McCoy : "Well, Scotty, now you've done it!"
Scott : "Aye. The haggis is in the fire for sure."
  People :  Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : A Taste of Armageddon
"Well, Jim, here's another morsel of agony for you. Since Tyree won't fight, he will be one of the first to die." - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : A Private Little War
McCoy : "Well, you got what you wanted."
Kirk : "Not what I wanted, Bones. What had to be."
  People :  James T. Kirk, Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : A Private Little War
"Jim, whenever I'm in jail again, don't send that Vulcan. Let me rot." - McCoy to Kirk
TAS : Albatross
Bones : "You're going to leave here without them and run off on some wild goose chase halfway across the galaxy just because you found a discrepancy in a hydrogen cloud?"
Spock : "Doctor I am chasing the Captain, Lieutenant Uhura and Ensign Chekov, not some wild aquatic fowl."
  People :  Spock, Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : The Gamesters of Triskelion
"Monsters come in many forms. You know the greatest monster of them all, Jim? Guilt." - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : Obsession
"I'm a doctor, not a coal miner!" - McCoy to Spock
TOS : The Empath
Spock : "Indeed, Doctor, the young lady did show a marked preference for your company."
McCoy : "Now, nobody can blame her for that, can they?"
  People :  Spock, Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : For the World is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky
"How can we be powerful enough to wipe out a planet and still be so helpless?" - McCoy to Scotty
TOS : Whom Gods Destroy
"What he's saying, Spock, is that a man who holds that much power, even with the best intentions, just can't resist the urge to play god." - McCoy to Spock
TOS : Patterns of Force
"Did you see the love light in Spock's eyes? The right computer finally came along!" - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : The Ultimate Computer
"Here we are. Antibodies of our own galaxy, attacking an invading germ. It would be ironic indeed if that were our sole destiny, wouldn't it?" - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : The Immunity Syndrome
"Crazy way to travel! Spreading a man's molecules all over the universe!" - McCoy to Spock; on the transporter
TOS : Obsession
"Shut up, Spock! We're rescuing you!" - McCoy to Spock
TOS : The Immunity Syndrome
Scotty : "Captain, thank heaven!"
Spock : "Mr Scott, there was no deity involved. It was my cross-circuiting to B that recovered them."
McCoy : "Well then, thank pictchforks and pointed ears."
  People :  Spock, Leonard H. McCoy, Montgomery Scott
TOS : Obsession
Spock : "Most illogical. Of all people, he should have known how the computer would perform. Of course, the M-5 itself has not behaved logically."
McCoy : "Please, Spock, do me a favour and don't say it's fascinating."
Spock : "No. But it is... interesting."
  People :  Spock, Leonard H. McCoy
TOS : The Ultimate Computer
"Compassion. That's the one thing no machine ever had. Maybe it's the one thing that keeps men ahead of them." - McCoy to Kirk
TOS : The Ultimate Computer
"When the personality of a human is involved, exact predictions are hazardous." - McCoy to Spock
TOS : The Lights of Zetar
"Why is any object we don't understand called a 'thing'?" - McCoy to Kirk
ST-TMP : The Motion Picture
"Spock, this 'child' is about to wipe out every living thing on Earth! Now, what do you suggest we do, spank it?" - McCoy to Spock
ST-TMP : The Motion Picture
McCoy : "It's a song, you green-blooded Vulcan! You sing it! The words aren't important, what's important is that you have a good time!"
Spock : "Ah, I am sorry Doctor. Were we having a good time?"
McCoy : "God I liked him better before he died!"
  People :  Spock, Leonard H. McCoy
ST-TFF : The Final Frontier
"According to myth, the Earth was created in six days. Now, watch out! Here comes Genesis. We'll do it for you in six minutes!" - McCoy to Spock
ST-TWOK : The Wrath of Khan
"I'm going to tell you something I never thought I'd ever hear myself say. It seems I've missed you. I don't know if I could stand to lose you again." - McCoy to the body of Spock
ST-TSFS : The Search for Spock
"Jim, you don't ask the Almighty for His ID!" - Bones to Kirk
ST-TFF : The Final Frontier
Kirk : "You're suffering from a Vulcan mind-meld, doctor."
McCoy : "That green-blooded son of a bitch! It's his revenge for all those arguments he lost!"
  People :  James T. Kirk, Leonard H. McCoy
ST-TSFS : The Search for Spock
McCoy : "Lieutenant, you are looking at the only Starfleet cadet who ever beat the no-win scenario."
Saavik : "How?"
Kirk : "I reprogrammed the simulation so it was possible to rescue the ship."
Saavik : "What?"
David Marcus : "He cheated!"
  People :  James T. Kirk, Leonard H. McCoy, Lieutenant Saavik, Lieutenant D'Amato, Doctor David Marcus
ST-TWOK : The Wrath of Khan
Kirk : "My God, Bones, what have I done?"
McCoy : "What you had to do. What you always do... turned death into a fighting chance to live."
  People :  James T. Kirk, Leonard H. McCoy
ST-TSFS : The Search for Spock
McCoy : "He's really not dead, as long as we remember him."
Kirk : "It's a far, far better thing I do than I have done before. A far better resting place I go to than I have ever known."
Carol : "Is that a poem?"
Kirk : "No, something Spock was trying to tell me, on my birthday."
McCoy : "Are you okay Jim? How do you feel?"
Kirk : "Young. I feel young."
  People :  James T. Kirk, Leonard H. McCoy, Carol Marcus
ST-TWOK : The Wrath of Khan
"Treat her like a lady and she'll always bring you home." - McCoy to Data; on the Enterprise-D
TNG : Encounter at Farpoint

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