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Kestra Troi-Riker

Quote Episode
Troi : 
"You cut out the venom sacks?"
Kestra : 
"Nope, I left them all in so we can all spew black bile and die."
 Discussing the Bunnicorn she had brought home for dinner.
STP : Nepenthe
Picard : 
"Commander Riker and I served together on the USS Enterprise."
Soji : 
"And you were the greatest captain ever, I heard."
Riker : 
"The greatest captain ever? Where'd you get that nonsense?"
Kestra : 
"From you."
Riker : 
"From me? I must have been drinking at the time."
STP : Nepenthe
Kestra : 
"Seems weird to make an android with mucus and saliva, but... I guess Data would do it like that."
Soji : 
"I don't see how this Data could be my father. I mean, if I was made, it was probably about three years ago. Wait, why would Data want to make an android with mucus and saliva?"
Kestra : 
"Well, he was always trying to be more human. He could do all these amazing things, but all he ever really wanted to do was, like, have dreams and tell jokes and, like, learn how to ballroom dance."
STP : Nepenthe

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