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Geordi La Forge

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People image Geordi La Forge
This image of LaForge was taken in 2367 on board the Enterprise-D. [1]
People image Geordi La Forge
Geordi without his VISOR. [2]
People image Geordi La Forge
Geordi's eyes were briefly restored in 2364 as a gift from the Q, but he requested that they be returned to their original state. [3]
People image Geordi La Forge
By 2373 Geordi had replaced his VISOR with Ocular Implants. [4]
People image Geordi La Forge
A close up view of the implants. [4]
People image Geordi La Forge
In 2375 Geordi's eyes were repaired by the regenerating effects of the Ba'ku planet. Unfortunately the effect did not last. [5]
People image Geordi La Forge
LaForge as Alan A-Dale in a Q recreation of the legend of Robin Hood. [6]

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