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Federation Technology
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People image Data
Data held the rank of Lieutenant Commander, as shown by the two and a half pips on his collar. [1]
People image Data
Data, with some damage to his external layer. [2]
People image Data
A view of Data with some of his exterior panels open. [3]
People image Data
Data with an access port on his head open. [4]
People image Data
Data on the bridge of the Enterprise-D. [5]
People image Data
The location of Data's "off switch" on the small of his back. [2]
People image Data
Data experiments with growing a beard. [6]
People image Data
An Iconian virus is loaded into Data's brain. [7]
People image Data
Data is immobilised by an electric shock. [8]
People image Data
Data partially assimilated by the Borg. [9]
People image Data
Data acting the part of Henry V in the Shakespeare play. [10]
People image Data
One of Data's many access ports. [11]
People image Data
Data as Friar Tuck in Q's recreation of Robin Hood. [11]
People image Data
Data disguised as a Romulan. [12]
People image Data
Data as he appeared at the moment of his death. [13]
People image Data
A picture of Data and Picard within a simulation that their consiousnesses were held in after Picard's death in 2399. Allowing them to communicate for the first time in 20 years. [14]
People image Data
Data as he appeared within the simulation. [14]
People image Data
A picture of Data as he appeared when the simulation was turning off in 2399. [14]

Colour key

Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation


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