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Cristóbal Rios

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Cristóbal Rios [1]
Species : Humans

Cristóbal Rios was a human male and the executive officer of the USS ibn Majid, a Federation heavy cruiser. In 2390, he was part of the first contact procedure with Ambassador Beautiful Flower and his assistant Jana, when orders were received from Federation security to kill the contacts and destroy their ship. After the event the Federation removed all records of the ibn Majid. Captain Vandermeer killed himself soon afterwards out of remorse. [2] It was only after the events at Coppelius that the information came out. [3]

After leaving Starfleet he became Captain of La Sirena, a Kaplan F17 Speed Freighter. In 2399 ex-Admiral Picard hired Rios to take him on a mission to find Soji Asha, Dahj's twin sister. Within minutes of talking to Rios, Picard had identified him as a Starfleet officer to the core. [1] During their visit to planet Freecloud Rios pretended to be a 'facer, a flamboyant go between for criminals. A role that his usual broody existentialist spaceman persona didn't prepare him for. [4]

When Rios first saw Soji he immediately recognised her as being identical to Jana, bringing back the painful memories of that encounter. [2]

Rios took part in the attempt by La Sierna's crew to destroy the antenna used to contact the higher androids, although this was ultimately unsuccessful. Following Picard's death he admitted to Seven of Nine that he had sworn to never again let another self-righteous, hard-assed old starship captain into his heart, however, Picard had caused him to break that promise. [3]

In the year since the events on Coppelius, Chris Rios had rejoined Starfleet and become the captain of the new USS Stargazer, the Federation's first ship equipped with Borg technology garnered from The Artifact. The Stargazer was ordered to a newly discovered spatial rift. While monitoring it, a message was discovered which suggested that the Borg wanted to join the Federation, but insisted that they would only talk to Jean-Luc Picard. A fleet of 38 vessels was then sent to join Rios. [5]

When Picard arrived and sent a message to the Borg they brought a massive ship through the rift and attempted to beam their queen on to the Stargazer, eventually succeeding. The Queen attempted to assimilate the ship and the others in the fleet. Picard ordered the ship's self-destruct system activated. After the countdown Rios and others found themselves in an alternate reality, where they were members of a Confederation of Earth. [5] Rios himself was commanding a fleet of ships in orbit around Vulcan and using weapons of mass destruction on the planet. [6]

After returning to Earth he was able to meet up with Picard, Seven of Nine, Raffi, Elnor and Agnes Jurati, where, with the assistance of a Borg Queen, they were able to time travel back to 2024 in search of a way home. In 2024 Rios and the others attempted to discover what had been changed and fix it. During this work Rios met Doctor Teresa Ramirez and became romantically attached. Unfortunately, for Rios he was detained by ICE [7] and nearly deported from the USA, and was only saved when he was rescued by Raffi and Seven. [8]

Rios was injured in the battle with Borg drones at Picard's chateau in 2024. Picard convinced Tallinn to beam him away and then lock the system out, [9] however, he was able to reenable the system and beam back to the chateau just in time to save Tallinn and Picard from the Borg. [9] When Q offered to return Picard and the rest of the team to their own timeline Rios refused, saying he wanted to remain in 2024, which he did. [10]

Picard later discovered from Guinan that he and Teresa had a good life together. Rios eventually died during a bar fight over medical supplies in Morroco. His last breath was into a cigar. He died as he lived. [10]

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Associated with

Crew of the La Sirena

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
STP1, 2Santiago Cabrera


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Series : STP Season 2
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Series : STP Season 2
Episode : Fly Me to the Moon
Series : STP Season 2
Episode : Hide and Seek
Series : STP Season 2
Episode : Farewell

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