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Doctor Agnes Jurati

Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Doctor Agnes Jurati [1]
Species : Humans

Doctor Agnes Jurati was an expert in androids and worked in the Federation's Division of Enhanced Synthetic Research, part of the Daystrom Institute in Okinawa, Japan. Previously she was a member of Starfleet and was recruited to the Institute by Bruce Maddox. The androids that attacked Mars came from their laboratory. [1] Prior to his disappearance Agnes had a romantic relationship with Bruce Maddox. [2]

In 2399, she was approached by Picard who came looking for Bruce Maddox. Picard questioned her on the possibility of creating sentient androids like Lt. Commander Data. She told him of Maddox's theory of quantum neuronic cloning, which Maddox theorised could be used to duplicate an existing sentient android using one of its neurons from its neural network. She was fascinated when he told her that he thought he had met such an android, but that it had been destroyed. When she told him that the process would create a pair of twins he put together a mission to go and find the second android. [2]

During a mind meld with Commodore Oh, Agnes learned that work on sentient androids would eventually result in the death of all organic life in the universe. She was horrified by this and agreed to go along on Picard's mission, whilst working for the Commodore. [3]

After Maddox's successful rescue from Bjayzl, Agnes treated him for massive abdominal haemorrhaging, however, as soon as she was alone with him she discontinued his treatment causing his death. [4] During the long transit from Freecloud to The Artifact she started a romantic relationship with Chris Rios. [5] When she became aware that the ship was being tracked by a Romulan Snakehead ship Agnes injected herself with a hydrogen compound which put her into a coma, [3] but did manage to disable the Viridium tracker in her blood stream. [6]

When Picard returned to the ship, Raffi informed him that she believed that Agnes had killed Maddox. When she came around he questioned her. She admitted that she had done it and told him of her visit from Oh. She relayed the horrific vision that Oh had put in her mind. Telling him that she had thought about committing suicide every day since. Picard told her that they were going to Deep Space 12 and once they got there she would have to surrender herself to the authorities for the murder of Bruce Maddox. [6]

When Agnes met Soji she was amazed at her abilities. She was even more impressed with the little imperfections that made her, in Agnes' opinion nothing short of a work of art. When Soji asked her if Commodore Oh had ordered her to kill her too, Agnes said that even if she had, now that they had met she would never take the opportunity even if the chance arose. Agnes and the crew of La Sirena pulled together information on the Admonition, the first contact mission with the ibn Majid, the Federation ban on synthetics and Commodore Oh and came up with the reason for the existence of the Zhat Vash and their mission. [6]

During her time on Coppelius, Agnes underwent a mind meld with Sutra, an android. It was during that meld that Sutra discovered that the Admonition was intended for synthetic life and not organics and discovered the method of contacting the advanced synthetics. Agnes agreed to work with Soong to produce a Golem that would be able to take his consciousness, making himself synthetic. [7]

Agnes broke Picard out of his android confinement, allowing him to return to La Sirena. The two then used this ship to hold off the Romulan fleet just long enough to allow time for the Federation fleet to arrive. Following Picard's death Agnes, Soong and Soji transferred his consciousness into the Golem. After leaving Coppelius she joined the crew of La Sirena. [8]

Agnes was tried and acquitted of the murder of her former mentor and lover Bruce Maddox, due to "alien-induced temporary insanity." Her romantic relationship with Rios also came to an end. [9]

Agnes was on board the USS Stargazer when the Borg Queen boarded it and started assimilating the ship and Federation fleet. Picard ordered the ship to self-destruct and soon after the ship was destroyed with all hands. [9]

Agnes found herself in an alternate reality where the Federation hadn't been formed and a Confederation of Earth had started conquering the galaxy. She was able to meet up with Rios, Seven of Nine, Elnor, Raffi and Picard. [10] Together, with the assistance of the a Borg Queen, they were able to time travel to 2024, where they attempted to fix the timeline. [11]

While the others travelled around trying to find clues, Agnes remained on the ship and attempted to get it fully operational. [11] Unfortunately, the Borg Queen contacted the local police and used a ruse to call an officer to the ship. While defending the policeman the Borg Queen was killed, but not before she was able to infect Agnes with nanoprobes. Unusually, Agnes' strength of mind was able to hold the Borg Queen's influence at bay, preventing her from taking over. [12]

Agnes attended the Europa mission gala in an attempt to fix the timeline. In order to provide a distraction to allow Picard and the team to complete their task, Agnes performed a musical number with the band. This caused a flood of endorphins, which then allowed the Borg Queen to take over control. [13]

With the Borg Queen in control of Agnes she sliped away and started gathering materials to enable her to assimilate others. Seven and Raffi caught up with her but the Borg Queen was able to overpower them. With Raffi about to be killed by the Borg Queen, Agnes took back control long enough to save her, but the Queen reasserted control and escaped. [14]

Agnes contacted Adam Soong, who was working with Q in order to prevent the success of the Europa mission, and told him that if he assisted her she would ensure his sucessful future. He agreed and called in a team of Mercenaries, whom the Borg Queen assimilated and turned into Drones. [15]

The Queen and the drones went to Chateau Picard and attempted to assimilate the ship in order to escape the planet. Once again, Agnes took over control and locked the Queen out of the ship's systems, storing the encryption key in to a holographic emergency combat version of Elnor. Raffi, Seven and Holo Elnor attempted to capture the Borg Queen but were soon overpowered. Elnor was disabled, Raffi knocked out and Seven was critically injured. Agnes negotated with the Borg Queen, offering her full control of her body if she altered the way that the Borg work, explaining that their current methodology of assimilation and control, always lead to failure and the demise of the Borg as a species. Eventually, the Borg Queen agreed and together Agnes and the Borg Queen saved Seven's life by assimilating her again, but left her free to be herself. Raffi and Seven were allowed to leave the ship and the Queen took control of it and left with Agnes' body. [16]

When Picard and the team restored the timeline, Q sent them back to the Stargazer prior to its destruction. Picard surmised that the Borg Queen on the Stargazer is actually Agnes Jurati and cancelled the self-destruct countdown. The Queen revealed herself to be an Anges/Borg Queen hybrid and informed them that she needed to take control of the fleet in order to prevent an imminent threat. Picard agreed to allow it to happen and Agnes/Queen used her ship and the fleet to prevent a massive energy discharge from destroying billions of lives on a nearby planet. She offered to stay with her ship and monitor the newly created transwarp corridor for incoming threats. Picard agreed and granted Agnes/Queen provisional membership of the Federation. [17]

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Associated with

Crew of the La Sirena

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
STP1, 2Alison Pill


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