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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Leeta [1]
Species : Bajorans

A Bajoran, Leeta worked for Quark as a dabo-girl in 2371. [1] She was friends with many of the station’s senior officers, including Jadzia Dax. Dax asked her to take part in the zhian'tara ritual, in which the personality of Emony was transferred into Leeta so that Jadzia could talk with her. [2]

Leeta was one of the organisers of the Guild of Restaurant and Casino Employees, formed to fight a pay cut imposed by Quark on his employees. [3]

Leeta and bashir became romantically involved [1], and the two had a relationship for some time. In 2373 they decided to break up, and travelled to Risa to perform the Bajoran Rite of Separation. Not realising that the two were ending their relationship, Worf was greatly disgusted by the interest they were displaying in other people. Leeta later admitted that she had broken up with Bashir largely because she was strongly attracted to Rom. [4] Leeta waited for several months, hoping that Rom would ask her out. When Dr. Zimmerman visited the station to interview Dr. Bashir he was greatly taken with Leeta and arranged for her to take over a restaurant on Jupiter station as a way to become involved with her. Leeta was tempted, but at the last moment Rom finally worked up the courage to ask her to stay and form a relationship with him. [5]

Leeta and Rom disagreed on several points regarding the marriage – particularly Rom feared that Leeta might be after his money and wanted her to sign a pre-nuptual agreement. She refused, and Rom settled the argument by giving his money away.  [6] Captain Sisko agreed to perform the wedding ceremony, something which greatly honoured Leeta since Sisko was considered to be one of the Bajoran’s most important religious icons. The ceremony was performed just hours before the Dominion war broke out; Rom insisted that Leeta return to Bajor before hostilities began. [7] She returned to station during the occupation where she became part of the resistance group which Major Kira formed. [8]

Leeta was not knowledgable about baseball, but she nevertheless agreed to form a part of the Deep Space Niners when Captain Sisko created the team to play against a visiting Vulcan team. Although the Niners were heavily defeated, Leeta and her team-mates took considerable comfort from the fact that they did manage to score a single run. [9]

When Rom was given the role of Grand Nagus by Zek in 2375, Leeta went with him to Ferenginar to help him carry out his duties. [10]

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Associated with

Associated with Deep Space Nine

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
DS93Chase MastersonExplorers
DS93Chase MastersonFacets
DS94Chase MastersonBar Association
DS95Chase MastersonLet He Who Is Without Sin...
DS95Chase MastersonDoctor Bashir, I Presume?
DS95Chase MastersonFerengi Love Songs
DS95Chase MastersonIn the Cards
DS95Chase MastersonCall to Arms
DS96Chase MastersonFavor the Bold
DS96Chase MastersonSacrifice of Angels
DS96Chase MastersonYou are Cordially Invited...
DS96Chase MastersonThe Magnificent Ferengi
DS96Chase MastersonProfit and Lace
DS97Chase MastersonTake Me Out to the Holosuite
DS97Chase MastersonIt's Only a Paper Moon
DS97Chase MastersonThe Dogs of War


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