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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Q [1]
Species : Q

One of the most extraordinary life forms ever encountered, Q possessed near god-like abilities to manipulate matter, energy, space and time. Yet he could - and often did - act in a remarkably childlike manner. [2] The Enterprise-D crew first encountered Q in 2364 when he put them on trial for the 'crimes of Humanity'. Picard convinced Q to judge Humanity not on their history but on their present, and thus far no judgment against Humans has been entered. [1] Later Q returned to the Enterprise and offered Commander Riker the opportunity to become a Q himself, an offer which Riker found extremely tempting but ultimately declined. [3] Q became increasingly interested in Humanity, and in 2365 he asked Picard if he could join the Enterprise crew. When the captain declined Q flung the ship 7,000 light years across space to system J-25, initiating first contact with the Borg. [4]

Q's antics led to his powers being removed in 2366, and he sought sanctuary on board the Enterprise-D. Although his powers were eventually returned, Q appeared to have learned to be at least a little less selfish. [5] Unfortunately the effects were not long lasting, and in 2367 Q disrupted a symposium of the Federation Archaeology Council aboard the Enterprise-D. He placed Picard, Vash, and various members of the crew into a fantasy world he had created based on the legendary figure of Robin Hood. During the incident Q became fascinated by Vash, and the two decided to become partners in exploring the universe. [6] Q returned to the Enterprise-D once again in 2369 to evaluate Amanda Rogers, a Human female. Unknown to Amanda her parents had been members of the continuum who had chosen to live as Humans. Amanda was beginning to exhibit the power of the Q, and although initially reluctant she eventually decided to accept her nature and live as a Q. [7]

Vash eventually tired of exploring with Q and returned to the alpha quadrant via the Bajoran wormhole. Q took her decision poorly, but ultimately accepted her right to choose for herself. [8] One of the more unusual visitations to the Enterprise-D took place in 2369 when Captain Picard was badly injured on an away mission. Q apparently visited him and offered him a chance to change some aspects of his youth, most especially the fight Picard had started at the Bonestell Recreation Facility in 2327 which led to Picard being stabbed through the heart. Picard discovered that without such apparently rash actions he would never have become the great explorer and leader that he was. However, it is uncertain if this was a genuine visit by Q or simply an elaborate form of 'Near Death Experience'. [9]

In 2370 Q again decided to test humanity. He devised a complex temporal paradox in which Picard would be responsible for the destruction of Humanity through the creation of an anti-time eruption. When Picard managed to understand the nature of the problem Q claimed that this showed Humanity was open to the unknown possibilities of existence. This, he claimed, was the real exploration awaiting Humanity. He added that the testing process would never end. [10]

In 2372 Q visited the Starship Voyager to return the Q known as Quinn to confinement. Quinn had decided that the great power and immortality of the Q had led to a pointless and stagnant existence, and had thus decided to commit suicide - a crime in the eyes of the rest of the Q. Quinn noted that Q's free-thinking attitude of a few years before had been his original inspiration, and Q decided to help him fulfil his wishes. [11] Q subsequently became the leader of a rebellious fraction amongst the Q, prompting a civil war. He took Captain Janeway to the continuum to try and negotiate a peace, but she was unsuccessful and the two were captured and sentenced to death. An old girlfriend of Q brought the rest of Voyager's crew into the continuum and they were able to rescue the pair and bring an end to the war. Q and the female Q conceived a child in the hope that this would bring a new future to the continuum. [12] Unfortunately as the junior Q matured Q found it difficult to instil any sense of responsibility in him. In an attempt to instil some moral values Q asked Captain Janeway to look after the youngster, which she did. Q Junior gave Voyager considerable difficulty, but did ultimately appear to have learned a some sense of responsibility. [13]

Colour key

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Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TNG1John de LancieEncounter at Farpoint
TNG1John de LancieHide and Q
TNG2John de LancieQ Who
TNG3John de LancieDeja Q
TNG4John de LancieQpid
TNG6John de LancieTrue-Q
TNG6John de LancieTapestry
TNG7John de LancieAll Good Things
DS91John de LancieQ-Less
VOY2John de LancieDeath Wish
VOY3John de LancieThe Q and the Grey
VOY7John de LancieQ2


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