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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Nog [1]
Species : Ferengi

Son of Rom, Nog spent his early years on Ferenginar before moving to Deep Space Nine with his father. [1] He became a petty thief [2], but his friendship with Jake Sisko was a positive influence on him. When Nog's father forbade him from attending school, Jake taught him to read. [3] Nog was desperate not to end up a failure like his father, and after undergoing the Ferengi Attainment Ceremony he asked Commander Sisko to support his enrolment into Starfleet. [4] Sisko did so, and Nog began to study the Academy Preparatory Program despite the objections of his uncle Quark. [5] In 2372 Nog sold his possessions and went to Earth with Quark and Rom. Unfortunately their shuttle underwent a temporal accident, throwing it into the year 1947 and causing it to crash-land at Roswell, New Mexico. [6] The landing of three Ferengi caused considerable disruption in the area, but local authorities covered the story up by claiming that a weather balloon had crashed and eventually they were able to escape and return to their own time. [6]

Nog returned to Deep Space Nine for field study in 2373. [7] He was awarded a battlefield promotion to Ensign during the war [8], during which he frequently served aboard the Defiant. [2] He briefly served as Chief Engineer aboard the Defiant class USS Valiant due to the great shortage of regular crewmembers aboard that vessel. [9] Later on he became a helm officer aboard the Defiant itself, gaining much combat experience in the last stages of the war. [2]

When Defiant crewmembers helped to support a Federation force at a captured Dominion relay station on AR-558 Nog acted as a scout, his superb Ferengi hearing a useful tool in that role. Unfortunately he was shot by a Jem'Hadar weapon and had to have his leg amputated. [10] Nog struggled with the trauma he had undergone, but thanks to advice from the hologram Vic Fontaine he managed to come to terms with his injuries and return to active duty. [11]

Nog performed so well during the final battles of the war that Captain Sisko ordered him promoted to Lieutenant as one of his final actions before joining the prophets in the Bajoran wormhole. [12]

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Associated with

Crew of Deep Space Nine

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
DS91Aron EisenbergEmissary
DS91Aron EisenbergA Man Alone
DS91Aron EisenbergThe Nagus
DS91Aron EisenbergThe Storyteller
DS91Aron EisenbergProgress
DS92Aron EisenbergThe Siege
DS92Aron EisenbergSanctuary
DS92Aron EisenbergThe Jem'Hadar
DS93Aron EisenbergLife Support
DS93Aron EisenbergHeart of Stone
DS93Aron EisenbergFacets
DS94Aron EisenbergThe Visitor
DS94Aron EisenbergLittle Green Men
DS94Aron EisenbergHomefront
DS94Aron EisenbergParadise Lost
DS95Aron EisenbergThe Ascent
DS95Aron EisenbergThe Darkness and the Light
DS95Aron EisenbergFor the Uniform
DS95Aron EisenbergSoldiers of the Empire
DS95Aron EisenbergBlaze of Glory
DS95Aron EisenbergEmpok Nor
DS95Aron EisenbergIn the Cards
DS95Aron EisenbergCall to Arms
DS96Aron EisenbergA Time to Stand
DS96Aron EisenbergRocks and Shoals
DS96Aron EisenbergBehind the Lines
DS96Aron EisenbergFavor the Bold
DS96Aron EisenbergSacrifice of Angels
DS96Aron EisenbergYou are Cordially Invited...
DS96Aron EisenbergThe Magnificent Ferengi
DS96Aron EisenbergFar Beyond the Stars
DS96Aron EisenbergOne Little Ship
DS96Aron EisenbergValiant
DS96Aron EisenbergProfit and Lace
DS96Aron EisenbergTears of the Prophets
DS97Aron EisenbergImage in the Sand
DS97Aron EisenbergTake Me Out to the Holosuite
DS97Aron EisenbergChrysalis
DS97Aron EisenbergTreachery, Faith, and the Great River
DS97Aron EisenbergThe Siege of AR-558
DS97Aron EisenbergIt's Only a Paper Moon
DS97Aron EisenbergBadda-Bing Badda-Bang
DS97Aron Eisenberg'Til Death Do Us Part
DS97Aron EisenbergThe Changing Face of Evil
DS97Aron EisenbergThe Dogs of War
DS97Aron EisenbergWhat You Leave Behind


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