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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Hugh [1]
Species : Borg

A Borg drone rescued by the Enterprise-D in 2368, Hugh developed feelings of individuality whilst aboard the ship. He nevertheless agreed to return to the collective in order to prevent the Borg from pursuing the Enterprise to recover him. [1] Hugh's experiences aboard the ship led a small part of the collective to become individuals after his return; unable to fend for themselves without the guidence of the collective, the Borg fell under the control of Lore. [2] Hugh fought against Lore's control, and with the help of the Enterprise-D crew was ultimately able to defeat him. [3]

By 2399, Hugh had had most of his implants removed and had become a Federation citizen. He was appointed Executive Director of the Romulan Reclamation Project and managed the activities involved in reclaiming other former Borg aboard The Artifact, a damaged Borg Cube captured by the Romulan Free State. He disliked the fact that ex-Borg, or xB's as they had become known, were amongst the most hated people in the galaxy. He was very impressed with Soji's attitude to xBs on the Artifact and allowed her to interview Ramdha, a Romulan ex-Borg who was one of the "disorganised". His initial reservations to this procedure were realised when Ramdha stole a distupter pistol from a guard and attempted to kill herself. Soji's fast thinking prevented her from succeeding, much to Hugh's relief. [4]

During Jean-Luc Picard's visit to The Artifact in 2399, Hugh admitted that a Cube is the last place any ex-Borg would ever want to see again, however, by living on the Cube he was able to help his fellow xBs. Picard was impressed with the ability to undo assimilation on such a grand scale. Hugh admitted that he feared that the outcomes were far from ideal, but, Picard reassured him that after all these years, he was able to show that the Borg were victims, not monsters. Hugh hoped that Picard would advocate for the free ex-Borg to be able to govern their own fate.

Hugh was a great help to Picard in his rescue of Dr Soji Asha. Using a trajector in the Queen's cell to transport them to Napenthe and covering their tracks. The existence of both the Queen's cell and the trajector device were unknown to the Romulans in control of the Cube. [5]
Afterwards, Narissa interrogated Hugh in an attempt to discover Picard and Soji's location. Unable to get him to talk she had to release him as he was a Federation citizen. Sometime later she overheard him plotting to take over control of the Cube, an act of sedition, and killed him for it, despite Elnor's attempts to protect him. [6]

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Associated with

Associated with The Next Generation

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TNG5Jonathan Del ArcoI, Borg
TNG7Jonathan Del ArcoDescent, Part 2
STP1Jonathan Del ArcoThe End is the Beginning
STP1Jonathan Del ArcoThe Impossible Box
STP1Jonathan Del ArcoNepenthe


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3 TNG 7 Descent, Part 2
4 STP 1 The End is the Beginning
5 STP 1 The Impossible Box
6 STP 1 Nepenthe
Series : TNG Season 5
Episode : I, Borg
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Episode : Descent, Part 1
Series : TNG Season 7
Episode : Descent, Part 2
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Episode : The End is the Beginning
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Episode : The Impossible Box
Series : STP Season 1
Episode : Nepenthe

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