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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Russell [1]
Species : Humans

A Starfleet engineer, Russell was a member of the Enterprise-D crew in 2366. He was aboard the ship during the mission to contact the alien life form known as Gomtuu. Russell assisted Commander La Forge in repairing the damage the ship sustained during the mission, helping to reactivate the sensor assemblies. [1]

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Canon source Backstage source Novel source DITL speculation

Associated with

Crew of the Enterprise 1701-D/1701-E

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
TNG3Carl David BurksYesterday's Enterprise
TNG3Carl David BurksAllegiance
TNG3Carl David BurksTin Man
TNG3Carl David BurksTransfigurations
TNG3Carl David BurksThe Best of Both Worlds, Part 1
TNG4Carl David BurksThe Best of Both Worlds, Part 2
TNG4Carl David BurksFamily
TNG4Carl David BurksBrothers
TNG4Carl David BurksLegacy
TNG4Carl David BurksFuture Imperfect
TNG4Carl David BurksThe Loss
TNG4Carl David BurksClues
TNG4Carl David BurksGalaxy's Child
TNG4Carl David BurksThe N'th Degree
TNG4Carl David BurksQpid
TNG4Carl David BurksThe Drumhead
TNG4Carl David BurksHalf a Life
TNG4Carl David BurksThe Mind's Eye
TNG4Carl David BurksRedemption, Part 1
TNG5Carl David BurksUnification, Part 1
TNG5Carl David BurksUnification, Part 2
TNG5Carl David BurksA Matter of Time
TNG5Carl David BurksNew Ground
TNG5Carl David BurksHero Worship
TNG5Carl David BurksViolations
TNG5Carl David BurksConundrum
TNG5Carl David BurksEthics
TNG5Carl David BurksThe Outcast
TNG5Carl David BurksCause and Effect
TNG5Carl David BurksThe First Duty
TNG5Carl David BurksImaginary Friend
TNG5Carl David BurksThe Next Phase
TNG5Carl David BurksTime's Arrow, Part 1
TNG6Carl David BurksTime's Arrow, Part 2
TNG6Carl David BurksRelics
TNG6Carl David BurksSchisms
TNG6Carl David BurksTrue-Q
TNG6Carl David BurksRascals
TNG6Carl David BurksA Fistful of Datas
TNG6Carl David BurksShip in a Bottle
TNG6Carl David BurksBirthright, Part 1
TNG6Carl David BurksLessons
TNG6Carl David BurksFrame of Mind
TNG6Carl David BurksSuspicions
TNG6Carl David BurksSecond Chances
TNG6Carl David BurksDescent, Part 1
TNG7Carl David BurksDescent, Part 2
TNG7Carl David BurksLiaisons
TNG7Carl David BurksInterface
TNG7Carl David BurksPhantasms
TNG7Carl David BurksDark Page
TNG7Carl David BurksForce of Nature
TNG7Carl David BurksParallels
TNG7Carl David BurksHomeward
TNG7Carl David BurksLower Decks
TNG7Carl David BurksMasks
TNG7Carl David BurksEye of the Beholder
TNG7Carl David BurksGenesis
TNG7Carl David BurksFirstborn
TNG7Carl David BurksBloodlines
TNG7Carl David BurksEmergence
TNG7Carl David BurksPreemptive Strike
VOY2Carl David BurksMeld
VOY3Carl David BurksFuture's End, Part 2
VOY3Carl David BurksMacrocosm
VOY3Carl David BurksCoda
VOY3Carl David BurksFavorite Son
VOY3Carl David BurksBefore and After
VOY5Carl David BurksDark Frontier, Part 1


# Series Season Source Comment
1 TNG 3 Tin Man
Series : TNG Season 3
Episode : Tin Man

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