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Khan Noonien Singh

Universe : Kelvin Timeline
Name : Khan Noonien Singh1
Species : Humans

A genetically engineered Human, Khan was created to be the ultimate superman both physically and mentally. He and his followers fought a war with the aim of the genocide of natural Humans in favour of their new breed. Defeated and forced into exile, they fled Earth in a state of suspended animation.1

They were discovered by Starfleet in the 23rd century. Khan was revived and recruited into Starfleet's Section 31, where he worked to produced weapon and warship designs for Admiral Marcus. Marcus reasoned that a war with the Klingon Empire was inevitable, and that a person of Khan's superior intellect and extreme savagery would be a valuable asset in preparing for it. Khan agreed because his followers were held hostage by Marcus. He attempted to smuggle the frozen bodies away, hiding them in the casings of advanced torpedoes he created, but the plot failed. Khan escaped and conducted a terrorist campaign on Earth in retribution, attacking London and Starfleet command before escaping to the Klingon Home planet.1

Meanwhile the advanced torpedoes were shipped to the Enterprise so that Captain Kirk could launch them against Khan. Instead, Kirk actually flew to Kronos and captured Khan. Khan revealed what Marcus had done and when the USS Vengeance came to destroy the Enterprise and conceal the plot, Kirk and Khan worked together to defeat Admiral Marcus. Khan turned on Kirk at that point, killing Marcus and forcing Spock to return his followers to him in exchange for Kirk, Scotty and Doctor Carol Marcus. However, Spock had outwitted Khan - he had removed the engineered Humans from the weapons and sent them back armed. They detonated with the Vengeance, wrecking the ship and causing it to crashland.1

Spock pursued Khan through San Francisco after the crash, eventually capturing him with the assistance of Lieutenant Uhura. Doctor McCoy was then able to use a serum derived from Khan's blood to revive Captain Kirk after his death from radiation poisoning.1

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Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
Benedict CumberbatchStar Trek Into Darkness


# Series Season Source Comment
1 Star Trek Into Darkness
Film: Star Trek Into Darkness

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