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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Jannar [1]
Species : Xindi Arboreals

A Xindi-arboreal, Jannar was a friend and associate of Degra. A more moderate member of the Xindi Council, Jannar often cautioned against rash actions - for instance he was against attacking the NX-01 when it first entered the Delphic Expanse. [2] He also voted against the development of a bioweapon to destroy the Humans, and was angered when the Reptilians used the agent Rajiin to gather some of the necessary biographical data to make this possible. [3] Like Degra he was disturbed by the implications of destroying an entire world, but believed that it was better to take such an action rather than allow the Xindi themselves to be destroyed later on. [4] Jannar was somewhat sceptical of Captain Archer's argument that it was in fact the Sphere Builders who threatened the Xndi, and wondered if Archer may have fabricated the evidence for this accusation. [5] Despite his reservations he was eventually convinced, and supported the attempts to stop the Reptilians from stealing [6] and using the Xindi weapon. [7]

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Associated with

Associated with Enterprise

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
ENT3Rick WorthyThe Xindi
ENT3Rick WorthyRajiin
ENT3Rick WorthyProving Ground
ENT3Rick WorthyAzati Prime
ENT3Rick WorthyDamage
ENT3Rick WorthyThe Forgotten
ENT3Rick WorthyE2
ENT3Rick WorthyThe Council
ENT3Rick WorthyCountdown
ENT3Rick WorthyZero Hour


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Series : ENT Season 3
Episode : Countdown
Series : ENT Season 3
Episode : Zero Hour

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