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Universe : Prime Timeline
Name : Vosk [1]
Species : Na'kuhl

A member of one of the factions of the Temporal Cold War, Vosk was stranded in mid 20th century Earth during the active phase of the war. He assisted the nazis in developing advanced weaponry in return for material to build a new time machine for himself. [1] Vosk offered to return Earth's history to normal in return for Captain Archer's help in finishing his machine, but Archer declined the offer. Vosk managed to complete his machine, but Archer destroyed it before he could escape. This action restored the damage done by the Temporal Cold War. [2]

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Associated with

Associated with Enterprise

Played by

SeriesSeasonActorFilm / Episode Title
ENT4Jack GwaltneyStorm Front, Part 1
ENT4Jack GwaltneyStorm Front, Part 2


# Series Season Source Comment
1 ENT 4 Storm Front, Part I
2 ENT 4 Storm Front, Part 2
Series : ENT Season 4
Episode : Storm Front, Part I
Series : ENT Season 4
Episode : Storm Front, Part 2

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