[WH40K] Nyleahan Army

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[WH40K] Nyleahan Army

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Homeworld - Nyleaha
Population - 14 Billion
Tithe Grade - Aptus Non - Industrial

Nyleaha is generally a cold and dark planet. Winter takes up two thirds of the sixteen month year. Night time spans around two thirds of their twenty eight hour day. As a result, the people have taken a strict outlook to life. Life on the surface of the planet is harsh. Constant blizzards in winter and with summer comes constant rain. Native plants thrive in the mineral rich soil and provide a strong supply of food for the creatures of world. The five month growing season if a mad rush of productivity for the human population. During winter, activities for the population come to a halt as they retreat to their underground cities. While there are a few settlements above ground. Most are factory complexes that are based in the mountain regions. The low lying areas are often covered under as much as ten meters of snow fall. Only one quarter of the planets surface is covered in water. The remaining surface is a mix of roughly cut mountains and leveled out low lands. Life here is spartan at best, dire at worst. As a result, the people of this world see order and discipline as requirements to survive. While there has been a great deal of improvement. To the point where such concerns could be removed. The Nyleahan's keep them as a reminder of where they come from and to never grow to used to things getting to simple.

Nyleahan Purpose.
Nyleaha serves as a production center of the Inquisition. Troops of this world are trained primarily in fighting traitor units. Although, it is not uncommon for Nyleaha to send its forces to support nearby worlds against threats. The planet's only reason of being is to supply troops, ships and equipment for the Inquisition while staying off record as much as possible. All troops of this world are trained as heavy infantry. This helps maintain a fresh supply of personnel that the Inquisition may call on to fill its Storm Trooper ranks as they use similar combat equipment. This world is also useful due to location, far out of the normal flight paths and mostly unknown to the rest of the Imperium. Nyleaha also operates safe houses and hidden supply bunkers across thousands of worlds in hundreds of systems.

Nyleaha's Military
All citizens are required to serve a 10 year tour of duty though many (20% on avg) will stay as career soldiers (40 years). They must report for service between the ages of 16 and 20. Most of this persons will spend their entire tour in local defense units. Most of these will never see combat and split their time between the military and civil lives. This produces a well organized and well disciplined population. This also provides a ready reserve in times of great need. Nyleaha's industrial might is used only for its own Army and Navy. As effect, Nyleaha's forces are better armed and trained then most Imperial Guard units. This factor was the reason for the Inquisition's involvement with this system. Another effect of the high level training and self sufficiency is a constant problem in dealing with Commissars. Nyleahan commanders are most often unwilling to use mass suicide charges and attrition style tactics due to the high cost in training and equipping their troops. This is a common conflict with many Commissars and their "glory or death or both" combat ideals. Though when first brought into the Imperium in M36, every regiment had at least one Commissar. In the first one hundred years alone, 80% of all Commissars were wounded or killed in action. As many as half of these being due to friendly fire. The official response was an inability of Nyleahans and Commissar to work together. In the end, the Inquisition supported a compact placing a Commissar in every Nyleahan Division HQ. This allowed the Commissars to maintain presence and allow Nyleahan troops the freedom to act according to their tactical ideals.

Nyleahan Military Equipment.
Fitting into the cold winters, rainy summers. Nyleahan uniforms are two sided affairs, other words they are reversible. One side is winter white/gray to match the dark snowy weather. The other side is a mix of dark green/brown/black camo patterns to match the muddy water soaked summers.

Standard kit for all Nyleahan troops is about what you'd expect from most Imperial Guard units. The most basic living items for use in the field. Personal kit, mess kit, medical kit, sewing kit, ground roll, survival cover, rations for food and water, E-tool, flash light, combat knife, light frame half pack. What makes Nyleahan units so different is their combat kit. Instead of a lasgun, they use autoguns with grenade launcher attachments. Squads make heavy use of heavy stubbers and anti-armor weapons. Instead of flak vests they are protected by carapace armor.

Nyleahan Tactical Ideals.
The Nyleahan ideal of battle is that "The Emperor gives". Waste of resource is there for Unholy in Nyleahan culture and traitorous in the military. A poor trooper by training or equipment often ends up dead. A dead trooper is a waste. Not only of the trooper but of the timing spent training them and the gear used to equip them. It is also seen as supporting your enemies as you have made any victory easier for them or harder for you too gain. For this reason, the Nyleahan forces spend a great deal of effort in training and equipping their troops. Any trooper of any rank from Private to General is required to spend one out of every three days of their career not listed as combat duty in training. Be this on a training field or in a study of some sort.

The Nyleahan military makes full use of mobile heavy infantry (infantry from airborne transports) and armored heavy infantry (infantry along side MBTs and APCs). Light infantry is uncommon at the most and more often then not looked down upon. Though this factor has given them trouble over the past. It is thought of as a minor concern. Force organization is listed below though unit size changes due to field actions. Nyleahan's do not believe in solid battle lines if there is a option. Instead fighting in flowing actions too test their enemies abilities until followed by a powerful spearhead attack. This style of battle is called "Storm Surge" and it acts like a violent storm. Often times the enemy and even Nyleahan troops will not know the primary point of the break through. When solid lines are needed and cannot be avoided the Nyleahan's use a tactic known as "Great Mountain". This tactic brings the Nyleahan's too form a solid and unbending defense line. "Great Mountain" is used when an enemy is attacking and no retreat can be allowed. The final primary battle tactic is called "Twisting Winds" being named after tornadoes. The Nyleahan's break up into small fighting groups and spread out over an area. Fierce hit&run, sabotage and local offensives are used to whittled down an enemy or to keep a larger enemy force off balance.

In open featured areas the Nyleahan's prefer to use the "Storm Surge" system.
In rough featured areas the Nyleahan's prefer to use the "Great Mountain" system.
In urban featured areas the Nyleahan's prefer to use the "Twisting Winds" system.

Nyleahan Force Organization
5 men per Fireteam. NCO - Corporal
2 Fireteams per Squad. (10 men in total) NCO - Sergeant
5 squads per Platoon. (50 men in total) CO - Lieutenant
2 Platoons per Company. (100 men in total) CO - Captain
5 Companies per Battalion. (500 men in total) CO - Major
2 Battalions per Regiment. (1,000 men in total) CO - Colonel
5 Regiments per Brigade. (5,000 men in total) CO - Brigadier General
2 Brigades per Division. (10,000 men in total) CO - Major General
5 Divisions per Corp. (50,000 men in total) CO - Lieutenant General
2 Corps per Army. (100,000 men in total) CO - General / First Star
5 Armies per Army Group. (500,000 men in total) CO - General / Second Star
2 Army Groups per Army Command. (1,000,000 men in total) CO - Commander General / Third Star

Armored Units contain 4 standard squads with APCs. The fifth squad places 1 driver per APC, 4 man crew for a MBT and 2 techs for repairs and service.

APCs are based off the Land Raider design due too its massive size and free internal space. Modified for carrying supplies and bunking space for troops on the move. Equipped with 1 month of supply, a forward pintle Las cannon and a top side turret dual heavy bolter.

MBTs are based off of the Land Raider design due to its massive size and free internal space. Modified for carrying supplies and bunking space for its crew and techs on the move. Equipped with 1 month of supply, a forward dual heavy bolter, top side turret dual lascannon and side mounted (both sides) quad heavy bolters.

Platoon = 4 APCs + 1 MBT
Company = 8 APCs + 2 MBTs
Battalion = 40 APCs + 10 MBTs
Regiment = 80 APCs + 20 MBTs
Brigade = 400 APCs + 100 MBTs
Division = 800 APCs + 200 MBTs
Corp = 4,000 APCs + 1,000 MBTs
Army = 8,000 APCs + 2,000 MBTs

Ranks of Services
Private / Trooper
Lance Corporal, Corporal
Sergeant, First Sergeant
Lieutenant, First Lieutenant
Lieutenant Captain, Captain, First Captain
Lieutenant Major, Major
Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel
Brigadier General
Major General
Lieutenant General
General / General of the Army / First Star
General / Group General / Second Star
General / Commander General / Third Star
General / Theater General / Forth Star - Rank temporary
General / Region General / Fifth Star - Rank Temporary
Marshall General - Supreme Commander of all Nyleahan Ground & Atmo (Planet based flight units) forces.
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