Orville moved off Fox to Hulu

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Re: Orville moved off Fox to Hulu

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AlexMcpherson79 wrote: Tue Sep 22, 2020 11:05 pm yeah, there's not much space-travel scifi and so little (aka, TNG and Orville AFAIK) of it is overall positive, the rest all grimdark in some way. Even Stargate, what with the Goauld, Replicators and then the Ori in SG-1, and Wraith, Replicators, Try-Hard Genii... Universe was just outright grimdark.

To Paraphrase Game of Thrones... Space is Dark and Full of Terrors. Find a Scifi story set in space that doesn't even dip their toes in the horror genre... and don't name Star Trek or Orville. I'll wait. No, not Firefly. Reavers, remember? No, not Battlestar Galactica - post-apocalyptic refugees fleeing an army that probably (later confirmed) had agents in hiding.

I had looked forward to a film called Sunshine (with that guy from peaky blinders and also the pilot was played by CHRIS EVANS) but the trailers I saw did NOT show it as a horror, yet guess what genre it was? (and therefore what happened to the first 'Icarus' ship, with the setting of the film being 'Icarus II'.
I was going to name "The Expanse" but I guess it does have an element of horror but, not too much, with that molecule being used to create human weapons. How about "Farscape?"

And yeah, "Sunshine." I remember back on IMDB, people loved the movie until,
"it became a generic action-slasher."
Me, I loved it the movie but, I can see that point. I guess the plot needed some urgency, on top off the world will die if we don't fix the Sun.
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Re: Orville moved off Fox to Hulu

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Crichton had a chip in his head put there by an enemy, Scorpius. Everything he saw and heard could lead to their enemies winning. Psychological horror?
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