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Hope and Fear

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Prime Timeline

Year Event
Picture from 2374  [1] Voyager encounters Arturis, an alien with a gift for languages. He offers to translate the scrambled message Voyager recieved from Starfleet via the Hirogen array. The message reports the location of a new Starfleet vessel with a "slipstream" drive which has been sent on autopilot to the Delta Quadrant. With this USS Dauntless, Voyager's crew can get back home within a few months. However, the ship proves to be a trap created by Arturis, intended to deliver Voyager's crew to the Borg - revenge for the assimilation of Arturis's people by the Borg after Janeway helped them in their war with Species 8472. [1]
  People :  Arturis
  Species :  Borg Species 116

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# Series Season Source Comment
1 VOY 4 Hope and Fear
Series : VOY Season 4 (Disc 7)
Episode : Hope and Fear

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