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Scientific Method

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EMH : 
"Seven of Nine, this is The Doctor. Can you hear me? It's me, The Doctor. I've tapped into your audio implants so only you can hear me. It's imperative that you tell no one. Make any excuse to get out of there and report to holodeck two. I'm hiding in the Da Vinci simulation. I'll explain everything when you get here."
to Seven; secretly contacting Seven
Janeway : 
"You are security chief. Don't thirteen department heads report to you every day?"
Tuvok : 
Janeway : 
"Well, straighten them out."
Tuvok : 
"Shall I flog them as well?"
Seven : 
"Don't move. If your people attempt to incapacitate me, I will kill you."
Alzen : 
"I believe you. What do you intend to do now?"
Seven : 
"You will come with me to speak to the captain. I am certain she will have questions for you."
Janeway : 
"Sorry, these lab rats are fighting back."
to Alzen
Tuvok : 
"Good morning, captain."
Janeway : 
"That's a matter of opinion."
Janeway : 
"That's what you were trying to accomplish, wasn't it? Hmm? Pumping up my dopamine levels to push me to the edge, keeping me awake for four days straight with the constant pain of your devices drilling into my skull. Well, this is the culmination of your work, and... guess what... you're going to be right here to collect the final data."
to Takar

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