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Esoqq : "My given name is Esoqq. It means 'fighter'!"
Tholl : "I'll bet half the names in the Chalnoth language mean 'fighter'."
  People :  Kova Tholl
"Imprisonment is an injury, regardless of how you justify it." - Picard to the alien
Tholl : "It's well known that my species possesses superior intelligence and I am considered among the brightest of my people."
Haro : "And the least modest!"
  People :  Kova Tholl, Cadet Mitena Haro
"Collaboration is what your species does best!" - Esoqq to Tholl
"You've shown none of the concern that Captain Picard would for the safety of his ship, the welfare of his crew." - Riker to Fake Picard
"And now that you have had a taste of captivity, perhaps you will reconsider the morality of inflicting it upon others. In any event, we now know about your race and we know how to imprison you. Bear that in mind. Now get off my ship." - Picard to Alien

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