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Title :
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
23 May 2001
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
7 x 24
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
So how come we've never, ever heard of these transwarp hubs before?
Great Moment :
Harry finally got promoted! The ablative armour is a wonderfully cool bit of special effects, and a nice concept.
Body Count :
Chakotay dies some time before the episode, LOTS of Borg, including the Borg Queen, plus Admiral Janeway.
Factoid :
Alice Kridge returns to the role of the Borg Queen for the first time since First Contact. Vaughn Armstrong, who plays Korath in this episode, is no stranger to Trek. In TNG he played Commander Korris in "Heart Of Glory", in DS9 he played Gul Danar in "Past Prologue", Seskal in "When It Rains..." and "The Dogs of War", in Voyager he has played Telek R'Mor in "Eye of the Needle", Two of Nine in "Survival Instinct", the Vidiian Captain in "Fury" and the Alpha-Hirogen in "Flesh and Blood Part I and II". He also plays Admiral Forest in the pilot episode of the upcoming Enterprise series, "Broken Bow".


It is the tenth anniversary of the end of Voyager's 23 year journey back to Earth, and Admiral Janeway is still depressed over the many crew she lost during the mission. Determined to undo the damage the trip did to her friends, she steals a Klingon temporal device and heads back in time to 2377. Voyager encountered a nebula packed with wormholes in this year, a potential way home which they were forced to leave behind because the Borg infested the area. Now Admiral Janeway wants to change all that.

Admiral Janeway has broken the temporal prime directive, giving her former self the weapons to fight her way through the Borg to the wormhole cluster which leads home. But when they arrive at the centre of the nebula, what they find will pit the two Janeways against each other and the Borg Queen in a battle that could decide the ultimate fate of our galaxy.


It seems that the writers were determined to drag out every Voyager cliche for the finale - time travel once again, the Borg being beaten by Voyager once again. Lots of nice eye candy, but overall a pretty contrived ending that fell fairly flat.
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