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Barge of the Dead

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Title :
Barge of the Dead
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
6 Oct 1999
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
6 x 03
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
Couldn't find anything obviously wrong with this one.
Great Moment :
Tuvok wielding a Bat'leth in an attempt to awaken B'Elanna's Klingonicity. Although it was a dream sequence, it was still a powerful scene.
Body Count :
Torres, at least twice, but each time she is revived.
Factoid :
Eric Pierpoint, who plays Kotar in this episode, also played Captain Sanders in DS9 episode "For the Uniform" and Ambassador Voval in TNG episode "Liaisons".


When B'Elanna has a near death experience it forces her to re-evaluate both her views on Klingon spiritual beliefs and her relationship with her mother.
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