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Title :
Series :
Rating :
Disc No :
Episode :
First Aired :
26 Apr 1999
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season :
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
It seems almost unbelievable that they would let children play with a toy that, with a simple alteration, could spin you so fast that it could 'spin you apart'.
Great Moment :
B'Elanna at the end of the episode, never have I seen someone in Star Trek that needed a shower as much as her.
Body Count :
Most of the crew of the Malon freighter.
Factoid :
A far better rip off of Alien than "Macrocosm".


Voyager rescues two crewmembers from an abandoned Malon freighter and is informed that the poorly maintained ship is a ticking time bomb which could lay waste to an entire sector when it goes up. Torres goes on board to help stop the imminent disaster, but it soon becomes apparent that they are not alone on the ship.
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