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Will You Take My Hand?

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Title :
Will You Take My Hand?
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
11 Feb 2018
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
1 x 15
Main Cast :
Anthony Rapp as Paul Stamets
Doug Jones as Saru
Emily Coutts as Keyla Detmer
Jason Isaacs as Gabriel Lorca
Mary Wiseman as Sylvia Tilly
Oyin Oladejo as Joann Owosekun
Patrick Kwok-Choon as Gen Rhys
Ronnie Rowe, Jr as R.A. Bryce
Sara Mitich as Airiam
Shazad Latif as Ash Tyler
Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham
Wilson Cruz as Hugh Culber
Guest Cast :
Anthony Grant as Er'Toom
Bree Wasylenko as Shava
Clare McConnel as Dennas
Clint Howard as Orion
Crystal Leger as Klingon Player #2
Damon Runyan as Ujilli
David Benjamin Tomlinson as Klingon Player #1
Harry Judge as Admiral Gorch
James Frain as Sarek
Jayne Brook as Admiral Katrina Cornwell
Julianne Grossman as (voice) Discovery computer
Mary Chieffo as L'Rell
Matthew Binkley as Shavo
Mia Kirshner as Amanda Grayson
Michael Ayres as Transport officer
Michelle Yeoh as Mirror Philippa Georgiou
Morgan Kohan as Weapons Trader
Riley Gilchrist as Rear Admiral Shukar


Tyler suggests that a drone enter Qo'noS's underground dormant volcanic system to covertly search the planet for targets. Discovery jumps to a cave near the system's entrance, and a landing party consisting of Georgiou, Burnham, Tilly, and Tyler pose as traders visiting an Orion outpost on the planet.

Tilly discovers that the volcanic system they are targeting is active, and that Georgiou is actually intending to use a hydro-bomb to explode the system. Burnham confronts Cornwell, who admits that the plan was to detonate the bomb in the active volcano annihilating all life on Qo'noS and winning the war for the Federation.

Burnham insists that Starfleet should not commit genocide and convinces Georgiou to give up the detonator in exchange for her freedom. They give the detonator to L'Rell, who uses the threat of mass destruction to unite the Klingon houses under her leadership and end the war.

The Discovery crew are hailed as heroes and Burnham is issued a full pardon and restored to the rank of commander. Tyler chooses to remain with L'Rell. As Discovery warps to Vulcan to pick up its new captain, the crew receive a distress call from Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise.
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