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Broken Bow

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Title :
Broken Bow
Series :
Rating :
Overall Ep :
1 & 2
First Aired :
26 Sep 2001
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Season Ep :
1 x 01
Main Cast :
Guest Cast :
Zefram Cochrane's dedication of the warp 5 complex came two years after he vanished in space forever, according to Kirk in "Metamorphosis".

According to Archer, it takes four days to reach Kronos. That puts the Klingon home world only about one light year away from Earth, which is four times closer than the nearest star.

So Tucker and T'Pol smear decontamination gel over one another because they were exposed to a protocystian spore whilst on an alien planet. Fair enough. But... why do they only cover a small part of their bodies with the gel, whilst wearing their clothing throughout? Surely the proper procedure here would be to strip naked and discard the clothing as biohazard material, and then smear your entire bodies with the gel? (No, not because I want to see Jolene Blalock naked. Well alright, not just because of that.) For that matter, they have to do one another's backs - what if only one person is contaminated? Does somebody else have to come in and potentially expose themselves just to do the contaminated person's back? So better still, discard your clothing and then take a shower using a watered-down version of that gel. That way one person can completely decontaminate themselves, head to toe. And hey, given that the whole idea of the decontamination room was meant for lascivious interest in the first place, wouldn't being naked in a shower (with appropriate-for-TV camera angles) be even better anyway?
Great Moment :
The shuttle flyby of Enterprise, with Archer and Tucker drooling over their new ship.
Body Count :
At least four Suliban killed, possibly several more.
Factoid :
Scott Bakula was reluctant to play the lead in a Star Trek series, but agreed because he was interested in playing the captain of the first Starship ever.


When a Klingon ship crashlands in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, the Human authorities decide to return its wounded pilot to his home world using the revolutionary new Enterprise, by far the fastest warp capable ship yet built by Humanity. Unfortunately the aliens who shot his ship down are still after him, and the Enterprise's first mission does not go to plan.
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