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Year of Hell, Part 1

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Series :
Season Ep :
4 x 08
Title :
Year of Hell, Part 1
Rating :
Overall Ep :
First Aired :
5 Nov 1997
Stardate :
Director :
Year :
Writers :
Your Rating :
5.0000 for 5 reviews
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 5
Review : Once again, I've just watched both parts, so I'll do them as one. A piece of brilliance in many ways, and perhaps the best Voyager has ever produced. It took me a while to get over the 'anoraks' pun, if pun it was. Judging by the later mention of 'Captain Nemo' and some of the similarities to Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea, it may have been a coincidence through a reference to Jules Verne's Aronnax. Anyway, as with many of the best stories, the plot accelerated throughout, at about the same rate that the Voyager falls apart. I liked the way the Krenim looked more human than the Zahl, yet the Zahl were the friendly ones. Annorax is portrayed very well as a tragic character, prepared to wipe out trillions of lives just to bring back his wife. Yes, he's mad, but he's not really evil, even though he does evil things, and that is a good choice for a character. Janeway's usual determination to head straight through dangerous territory was hardly ever more reckless, one must think. The writers often go too far with that sometimes. O.K., she can become a lot more reckless as time goes on and pieces fall off her ship, but I would like to know why she didn't go around Krenim space in the timeline when she could have done. Still, that's my only minor criticism. As for the ending, I would like to think that it showed the moment that Annorax abandoned the project, or maybe the moment when he failed to make a crucial breakthrough. Still, I'm glad they left it open. A good episode for my 50th review.
Reviewer : Cailus Rating : 5
Review : Most definitely one of Voyager's finest hours. Brilliant acting, stunning special effects and an intriguing story, this has all the marks of a classic episode. One of the best parts of this is the dilemna Janeway faces; fight on and probably die, or separate and some live. I love that this time, the writers actually chose to go for one of the options, rather than finding the super-convenient super-cheap third option, and shows us the command crew dealing with Janeway's decision. Her descent into pure instinctual thinking is an excellent one, as well. Also, the incredible damage Voyager takes during this episode defies belief, and is a very dark, and very appropriate part of this episode. Janeway's talk about the link between crew and ship is especially potent, considering the extraordinary damage Voyager has taken. One of my all time favourites.
Reviewer : Ithekro Rating : 5
Review : My enjoyment of this episode pair stems from an argument I had in High School at the time this series aired. Voyager is in the Delta Quadrant. Far from any Starfleet or Federation support. Yet she is always relatively clean, inside and outside. She's been in a number a scraps in the four or so years she'd been in the Delta Quadrant at this point, she should look like the Voyager we see during this episode. Battle scarred, or have a patched appearance to her to cover up some of the hull breaches she got during the years. This was the main reason I liked this episode...this is what U.S.S. Voyager should have looked like after coming out of Kazon Space. Beat up. This was something they did get right in Enterprise's third season...accumulated damage remains if one does not have the facilities to fully repair the vessel...especially the hull. Sure they might be able to replace hull plates, but the carbon scoring should remain from the pieces they don't need to replace.
Reviewer : ajdedo Rating : 5
Review : Without repeating all the comments above, I'd only like to add that 7's interaction with Tuvok is even better then her interaction with the doc in the previous episode. It's a shame that the bond they created won't carry through to the following episodes.
Reviewer : =NoPoet= Rating : 5
Review : Like Scorpion, Year of Hell turns Voyager into the show most people wanted to see. YOH also has the distinction of taking the tone one of Voyager's creative team wanted Voyager to have from the outset - and demonstrates beyond all doubt that the cast and crew of VOY would have been up to the challenge. They should certainly have gone down this route in the early episodes and had Voyager slowly recover by using alien technology and actually encountering friendly species, perhaps forcing Voyager to trade Federation technology in order to pay for the repairs and ensure the crew's survival in the desperate early days. (If you're going to break Starfleet's rules, you might as well do it properly!) The show could have lightened in tone and become more adventure-style as the crew adapted to life in the delta quadrant and Voyager was restored to something approaching normality. Anyway, YOH punishes the ship and its crew severely. Every scene is worth watching. The Krenim's hopeless task adds gravity although I wonder why Anorak's crew (yes I do know that isn't his name) don't rebel about their own families constantly being altered or deleted by the timeline changes. Having two of Voyager's battered crew eventually being captured but treated well makes a refreshing change. I often seem to compare Trek to other shows. This is like Angel Season 4, where everyone is desperate, bruised, surrounded and outnumbered by something they can't fight.
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