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Title : Unity Rating : 4
First Aired : 12 Feb 1997 Stardate : 50614.2
Director : Robert Duncan McNeill Year : 2373
Writers : Kenneth Biller Season : 3
Rating : 3.5000 for 2 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 4
Review : Firstly, Chakotay manages to land a shuttle safely, but still fails to get it back. I sensed that something was wrong on the planet fairly early, and that probably has something to do with Robert Beltran putting in a decent performance. The early appearance of the Cube was certainly dramatic, and got the message accross fairly well. After a while, we thought that everything was going to settle out and all very well in the end. At one point, I wondered if they could salvage the Cube and use it to get home (after all, it got to where it ended up in less than five years). Still, that went by the board, and the ending was certainly disquieting. That sense of foreboding seems to have been right. We knew the Borg were there. Now we've seen them, but what happened to them? This is where Voyager begins to mature.
Reviewer : Gimpy Rating : 3
Review : An interesting episode, but I don't understand how these people made it to the delta quadrant. If they were assimilated at Wolf 359, then they would have been destroyed at the end of Best of Both Worlds.
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