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Title : Collective Rating : 1
First Aired : 16 Feb 2000 Stardate : Unknown
Director : Allison Liddi Year : 2376
Writers : Andrew Shepard Price, Mark Gaberman Season : 6
Rating : 0.8000 for 5 reviewsAdd your own review
Reviewer : Michael C. Rating : 1
Review : Empty & ignored transwarp-equipped Borg Cube + Voyager still tens of thousands of lightyears away from home = abandoning the cube???
Reviewer : Indefatigable Rating : 1
Review : Not good at all. Voyager's quality went downhill several times, and this was fairy rotten. Firstly, did the writers not watch "BOBW" or "I, Borg"? The Borg don't abandon their dead, they vapourise them. It would have added greatly to the tension if they had known that another Cube was on its way to destroy the one we saw here. We've seen Borg as vulnerable before (Hugh for instance) but Borg children don't really work. Maybe it could have been done some other way, but it did not quite work. I also have to fault Janeway's negotiations. Surely she could have led a boarding action (150 trained Starfleeters against 5 Borg kids - who wins that!?) or done something a bit more imaginative, but she let herself get onto the back foot. Of course, the other avenue they missed was having the Voyagers in a race against time to strip the Cube of transwarp technology before the Borg came to blow it up. Verdict, barely watchable.
Reviewer : TheSimDude Rating : 2
Review : Good episode overall, but no-one has ever asked, "what happened to the borg baby?"
Reviewer : The Geek Rating : 0
Review : "Q Who?" first aired when I was a young child. I watched the episode with my father; later that night I had a nightmare about being on a Borg ship, being assimilated. The Borg was the ultimate enemy that even had the great Picard begging Q for help in escaping from them. So relentless was the Borg that they even tried to assimilate Earth in it's past. In short, the Borg's quest for perfection via the assimilation of entire species was terrifying. That is, until the writing staff of Voyager got their hands on them. Since then, the Borg have become increasingly weaker: Species 8472 punk-smacks them, Janeway actually boards an active vessel to steal their transwarp technology, 7 of 9 is becoming more human by the episode and now we have a cute Borg baby being fussed over by 7 and cradled by Janeway. Future episodes will reveal that the Borg have a dream world in which they can plot breaking free of the Collective, and a serious defeat by one future Janeway. So, to re-cap: The Borg went from an invincible and truly indomitable threat to mere character-development vehicle. Oof. Speaking of 7, Jeri Ryan sure is starring in a lot of episodes recently, isn't she? Surely this is not because she is dating Braga, right? No, of course not! All you have to do is ask, and they will tell you the same thing. Poor episode, if anything because I miss the TNG-era Borg; you know, before they were rendered completely impotent...
Reviewer : MarcusP Rating : 0
Review : The Borg children really do downshift the dangerousness and the menacing attributes of the Borg.
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